Sunday 22 September 2019

Siblings {September 2019}

Still struggling to find the energy or motivation for any long or serious blog posts, but in the meantime I am trying hard to keep up with my Siblings series.
stephs two girls siblings sep 19 with Amethyst
I just love this photo, taken earlier today. Nowhere special, just on a stairway in a random car park, but the bond the girls have is clear to see in this picture. I love that they can still make each other laugh. The mood was running a little tense not long before this photo was taken, but somehow, today, me asking for a photo didn't send things tumbling downhill and I managed to snap a happy memory. 
stephs two girls siblings sep 19
Amethyst had a lot to do with that... and if you don't know who Amethyst is, I suggest you go and google Sasha's newest love, the Steven Universe series!

The last month has been challenging in some ways, with a return to school for our eldest girl but not for Sasha. This is difficult for both of them, in different ways, and yet they are getting on with life and keeping me going as always. Some words I put up on my Facebook page with a photo of our 'empty' front door (one child not returning to school) clearly hit a nerve as they were seen and shared to over 70,000 people... 
empty door for back to school
The reality is that our current school system is really not suiting (understatement of the year) far too many children. In addition to that, the parents of many children who can't cope with school are being harrassed and made to pay fines, as if their children are simply playing truant. This is really not fair, and I'd appreciate it if you could find a quick minute to sign this petition to stop school refusal being treated as truancy, set up by the great organisation called Not Fine In School (who incidentally have a great website with lots of resources for those families whose children are struggling).

On the plus side, not being in school did mean I was able to try my hand at home educating and I luckily managed to get some last minute tickets to the Warner Brothers Studios for a Harry Potter tour. Amethyst came along for the ride:
Amethyst by Hogwarts Express
Sasha is not a huge fan of the books (unlike her sister) - but then again, Sasha is not a huge fan of any books. However we have been to this fantastic place a few times before and Sasha was keen to revisit it. We whizzed through in around 40 minutes... most people take over three and a half hours!
sasha in harry potter dursleys house with letters
Term time often means other public places are quieter which is a necessity for us in terms of getting out with Sasha. Last week (after a failed attempt the week before) we managed a trip into London to visit the Science Museum
sasha in mirrors at science museum
Again, a shorter trip than most other people would enjoy, but an hour and a half was a huge achievement for us and we will always rave about the Wonderlab in there, with all its interactive exhibits.
sasha staring at space in wonderlab science museum
The last few days have involved some frantic buying for eldest for her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award expedition. Slightly bittersweet, because, having done it myself, I know that she is going to have lots of fun with her friends, but I also know that it's another one of life's experiences which Sasha will most likely miss out on. For now at least; never say never is one of my mottos!

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  1. Nice photo of the two of them! Their bond really comes through.

    The Science Museum sounds wonderful. And yes, you have to celebrate each step.


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