Wednesday 4 December 2019

Siblings {November 2019}

The eagle eyed readers out there might have spotted that I hadn't yet got around to posting a November Siblings update. Here it is, a bit behind schedule, but better late than never - this was the girls after they had finished decorating our Christmas tree together:
stephs two girls by xmas tree
We've had a busy month, as always; Sasha is still out of school and I'm still working hard to try to ensure a future for her which features education of some sort. She's been very down about the lack of a suitable school nearby; we drove out of our county to visit a placement only to discover it wouldn't be a great place for Sasha. Whenever I've tried to talk about school since then, Sasha has become quite upset.

We've had a few appointments with more due in the next weeks before Christmas, but each one brings an added level of anxiety and stress which I'm trying to manage.
sasha in pokemon centre london
Sasha has worked on Gacha Life projects, played Minecraft and had a few nostalgia sessions with DVDs and her old DS games. We managed a trip into London to the pop-up Pokemon Center but Sasha has otherwise not been out much at all.
Our teen on the other hand managed to pass her first karate grading with flying colours (she'd kill me if I posted a photo of that though), is getting on as brilliantly as ever at school and enjoyed going to see the musical Waitress in London with me.

This is probably the penultimate picture to be shared in my Siblings series. Now the girls are older, they're not so keen on having their photos taken so I'm going to leave them in peace after next month. It's been a lovely focus for me for the past five years though; it's given me great pleasure and hopefully at some point in the future the girls will be able to look back on these and enjoy them too.

Just one more to come then; December's sibling snap will be here before you know it and if I'm allowed, there may well be tinsel or hats or any other manner of silliness to suit the season. Only 21 sleeps folks!

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