Saturday, 4 January 2020

Siblings {December 2019}

With a heavy heart, I am finally signing off my five years series of 'Siblings' photos with these last two taken this December. The first on a blowy but sunny sea front in St.Annes, on the last day of 2019:
Steph's Two Girls on beach at St.Annes, December 2019
Steph's Two Girls on beach at St.Annes, December 2019

and the second, taken with me and my mum, in hospital, three generations of girls together:
Teen, my mum, me and Sasha, December 2019
Teen, my mum, me and Sasha, December 2019

When the Siblings photo linky first started up back in 2014 I joined in on a whim, not realising how much pleasure it would bring me to be able to look back and see how my girls were growing up together. My first ever post in this series was in January 2014 and wow, how cute do they look (I know, I'm biased)?!
Collage of Steph's Two Girls together in January 2014
Collage of Steph's Two Girls together in January 2014

The girls are now 14 and 12; eldest has reached the stage where she is not keen on having her photo shared online (she'll probably kill me for those ones above) and youngest dislikes having her photo taken at all - 'it's boring, a waste of time'. I'm feeling grateful that we have had so many photos of them together over the years and I'll hope that I can still snap the odd one of them together but they will be just for me, no longer shared unless the girls are happy to.

I'm hoping that I might be able to share some words about their sibling relationship over the coming year instead though; how we manage this is a question which I am often asked when doing training. They are great sisters and have an undeniable bond but of course it is a different kind of life to neurotypical siblings. It's all we know though!

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  1. Fun to look back and see how much your kids have grown and changed.

    As my son has gotten older, I've struggled with how much to share online. I have plenty to write about, but want to respect his privacy so have greatly reduced the frequency of my posts and rarely write about our challenges anymore.

    Love the photo with you and your mum. Wishing the best for all of you in this new year!

    1. Thanks Yuji. Yes, it's a challenge. So many people don't share the teenage years for this reason I guess. Wishing you all a calm and healthy 2020 too x

  2. So lovely to have the pictures to look back on. Lovely one of you all with your mum too. This has inspired me to try and get as many pictures of the boys together while they are young so thank you x

    1. I definitely recommend it, the time flies too quickly! Remeber to get some with you in too though x


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