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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Notes from a seven year old....

I did get a bit of a chuckle recently. 

As I lay in bed on my assigned 'lie-in' weekend morning (until 8am sometimes if I'm lucky...), Tamsin entered the room and passed me 5 little notes. She was upset with Daddy and was hoping Mummy would come to her rescue.

Transcript with amended spellings:

'Daddy is crazy' said Tamsin. 'He made me eat ketchup sandwiches'.
'I hate ketchup sandwiches' said Tamsin. 'I love you' said Tamsin. (i.e. she loves mummy).
'Come downstairs' said Tamsin. 'Now!'
'He even made me swear' said Tamsin.
'No sweets now' said daddy.

I have to admit I wasn't very good at backing Daddy up on this particular occasion, even though Tamsin's story wasn't exactly the whole truth.... it was just the way she had turned it into a little play which made me laugh!

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  1. oh what a clever girl, her notes made me smile. I'd have to back her though, ketchup sandwiches...yuk I'd probably swear at Daddy too :-)

    1. tee hee, me too :) might be coz our fussy eater had taken the bacon out of them and left the bread though... ;)

  2. That sounds exactly like the kind of lie-in I get! Thanks for joining in :)

    1. Yep. Lie-ins, punctuated by screams and tears are 'de rigeur' round here :)

  3. That's really clever - I love how its all in note form. One for the memory box! :) (what was in those sandwiches?)

    1. Oh yes, the notes are to be preserved :) they were bacon originally I believe, but bacon had been eaten alone!!!

  4. I don't get lie-ins not without first, making bottles, changing nappies instructing daddy then hiding under pillow again - he doesn't understand how this doesn't count.
    Great notes although I wouldn't be supporting daddy on my morning either ;) xx

    1. oh yes, have done the old head under pillow bit before now - and the I graduated to earplugs! Nothing works when they're old enough to open the door themselves though and daddy doesn't barricade the way upstairs...!!


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