Monday 8 March 2010

So, just a quick post tonight as I haven't been on in a while. Been very busy with preparations for my brother's wedding, which took place on Saturday and was a beautiful day. We were all very happy for him, and of course it was lovely to see other family members there too. Sasha wasn't exactly on top form, and due to a lack of decent sleep on the day itself she was quite demanding, but no serious mayhem!

Have felt rather up and down about things lately so have resolved to pull myself together and get back to thinking positively about the next steps. Will see the school head this week, Nursery next week and Tamsin's teacher the week after, so some talking to do but at least it should mean action. Still frustrated by the lack of speech therapy, and of course no contact from the Autism Advisory Service yet, but of course they're busy. In the meantime more reading to be done, and sleep to be had, so good night!

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