Thursday 6 May 2010

Well just a quick post tonight as I need to research trampolines :) am v excited that we have decided to buy one, as I know how much Sasha is going to enjoy it particularly - but also Tamsin (and maybe even Mummy, always looking for new ways to keep fit ;) ).

Am feeling fairly positive again at the mo, although it'd be fair to say that Sasha's behaviour has seemed to get slightly more challenging lately... not only during the day, but at bedtime too. She used to be an angel at going to bed before, but now it takes much longer to settle her (and if I'm in it's generally me she wants of course!). My moods have really been up and down badly lately, and it's difficult even for me to understand why - poor old Chris!

Took her to Willows Farm this week to meet up with a couple of other mums I've recently met with slightly older autistic children (so they took their younger ones along), and it was lovely to be with them and feel that they understood. Not that I got to spend much time with them - Sasha rushes from one thing to the next and can't be persuaded to stay in one place very easily! Fortunately it was quite so she had a great time on the bouncy castle and trampolines with no queue. When we're in the indoors play centre though, I always have to keep my eye out for the 'sock police' - they are very hot on making children wear socks, which is extremely difficult for me as Sasha hasn't worn them for months! So I try and make an effort and show that I'm trying, but I really don't want to have to carry her away from the slide screaming just coz she's not got socks on. I feel like asking them to try and do it, but don't expect I'd get much sympathy or understanding! Sasha also loves the soft play area for under 2s, and as she is now nearly 3 I stand there keeping my fingers crossed that we are not caught by the 'age police'! She doesn't cause any issues, but of course she's fairly tall for her age so someone is bound to say something one time. I think now it is becoming more apparent that her speech is behind, which in a strange way is a relief as it is something to 'show' people who might not otherwise understand. On the other hand I want her to be able to speak better now so very much - she still hasn't told me she loves me, and maybe never will, who knows?

Tomorrow at last I meet with the lady from the Autism Advisory Service for the first time - remember, Sasha's diagnosis was back on 26th February for us, so this is over 2 months later!  So I'm intrigued as to what help she will be.... I've heard she's very knowledgeable, and that the nursery nurse will visit us regularly once assigned, so we'll see. Since I missed the call from the lady from Parent Partnership I've tried calling back and leaving messages several times, but nothing since. Hmmm. I'll steal the words of another mum with a diagnosis here, as I thought they were very good and fitting.... 'that whack around the back of the head with a cricket bat that is called a diagnosis, and the recognition as you're coming round from that, that there is help out there, but you have to access it all yourself - no-one can pick it off a shelf and give it to you'.

Also met another 'new' mum recently who has a boy with autism who started primary school this year. The school has been particularly useless in understanding him, sh feels, and so she's now got a statement and will be sending him to a specialist school, one that she's not even seen yet but is sure will be better than the mainstream one. The scary thing is he sounds a lot like Sasha is when he was her age..... Ah, I'll be having a lot of research on schools to do later this year, and will definitely be applying for that all-elusive Statement.

Right must go! x

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