Tuesday 5 October 2010

We found Terry! Yay!

Phew. Just a quick post before I go to bed, as I'm really shattered today. Sasha was very good for her EYAS, did everything she was asked and with humour - very different from last week's session where she had a tantrum for 30 minutes! She's also been in a good mood for me today, going into nursery quite well (although they had problems with her as usual - so glad I've asked them to keep a book of the difficulties, seems to be something every session...) and even being good humoured about taking Tamsin to drama and waiting for her. After tea however (which as per usual she didn't eat any of), I'd left the kitchen for a while and Sasha managed to open the pull-out cupboard, take out the open, half full pack of caster sugar, and sprinkle it all over the floor. Lovely! She does it with no malice though, and really can't seem to understand that it's wrong, so it's almost pointless telling her off. I did sit her on the stairs, but it was obvious she had forgotten the whole thing 2 minutes later.

She did go to bed very well, although slightly upset as we hadn't been able to find Terry, her soft toy. I was worried that he was lost when we were out at Tamsin's drama place, so Chris spent 20 minutes in the gardens over there (we were playing hide-and-seek, v funny as Sasha thinks she can hide in front of the trees ;) ) with a big torchlight, searching for him but no joy. When he came home, I sent him to double check our garden and happily Terry was found down the back of our toy box outside - yippeee! Sasha will be pleased in the morning. I was getting quite sad about him myself - Sasha has taken him everywhere from very young, and has never shown any interest in any other soft toy at all.

I'm worried about tomorrow as we have the lovely ladies from our Earlybird parenting course coming round to video me trying to get Sasha taking turns with me - singing a song, nursery rhyme, playing a game or something. Trying to get Sasha to do anything she doesn't want to is difficult at the best of times, without strangers in the house! But will have to give it a go, could be very funny at least I suppose.

More posts to follow about schooling and statements and how it's taking up every thought in my head at the moment, so much to think about.....

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