Sunday 21 August 2011

Holidays... Relaxing or not?!

Can't believe I haven't blogged for so long, but school holidays are not the most relaxing time, I've noticed. Part of me is longing to get back to the daily grind/routine.... the autistic part maybe?!

Anyhow life is good, rumbling on as usual, albeit in the very hot climes of southern Spain for just now. 2 little girls enjoying an afternoon siesta as I after a minor meltdown at lunchtime... Where we are staying there is a restaurant on site, and we tootled up to have lunch today. Sasha decided she couldn't walk the 2 minutes it would take, and in the hope of a quiet lunch I agreed to carry her again. Despite the promise of chips she couldn't be placated once there though, and she walked herself back to our little casa a couple of times. When the chips turned up she returned and there was a glimmer of happiness as she tucked in, but she wouldn't leave my knee so it meant me trying to eat my delicious meal around her! Tiredness was probably the cause this time, but it does stand out how other children can be more easily placated or 'dealt with'.

We are holidaying with others with children, and although Sasha's behaviour isn't bad, she won't exactly fit in. We are staying half way up a mountain, and both girls are getting very travel sick going up and down the windy road in the car. I now have to travel in the back between them on Sasha's demand - doesn't exactly help with my travel sickness! Sasha's lack of flexibility or ability to enjoy being spontaneous makes it very hard to make any plans to do anything or go anywhere, which in some ways is a blessing as we do next to nothing - so it really is a chill out time. But on the other hand there is so much around this region that we would love to explore and do, but just can't. I find myself hoping that the others don't think we're boring... but then have to remind myself it doesn't really matter what others think.

We talked briefly at lunch about where we would go and what we would do if things were different, but the reality is that our holidays will mostly be like this, as if we went without the girls we'd just feel guilty about leaving them behind (assuming we did have babysitters!!).

On an earlier trip to the beach I remember seeing an older couple with a young adult, presumably their son, who had some sort of disability which meant he needed to be supported to walk along the sand. Whilst it was obviously an enjoyable experience for him, I couldn't help but think of the poor couple who had probably not expected their life and their elderly years to be consumed by still looking after someone else - no retirement in effect. I also saw a dad on crutches, with one leg amputated, who enjoyed taking his young girl for a splash in the sea and was presumably trying to enjoy life to the full and not regret a single moment. I think although it may not always be easy to do, it's definitely the best attitude to try and maintain. I'm trying!


  1. I know what you mean about how it just seems harder for our kids to settle.

    You're going to need a vacation from your vacation!!!

  2. We've just come back from a week in Cornwall and I can't honestly say that it was relaxing, or even that enjoyable. At one point I said to my husband that I wasn't going to 'do' a holiday again as it was just too stressful. Nipper is autistic (at the milder end of the spectrum), with Sensory Processing Disorder and a language processing problem.
    (I have a separate blog for him at
    Luckily he's not too bad regarding flexibility so long as we do what we said we were going to do. But he gets very upset over small and often strange things, he gets manic when playing with his younger brother (who we think may also have autistic traits/sensory problems) and ends up terrorizing him, he has food issues and eats a very restricted diet which makes eating out tricky. He's also fond of wandering off so you can't take your eyes of him. Not relaxing at all. I'm impressed that you managed to go abroad. We daren't try that yet!


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