Saturday 24 December 2011

A Peppa Christmas Eve?

So it's Christmas Eve, and Sasha wakes up, still coughing madly, asking to go to Peppa Pig Land.

Well, I say, of course we can go again one day, but not today.
'But mum, want to go to Peppa Pig Land!'
'It's Christmas Eve today Sasha, we can't go. Another time.'
'But Mum, can we go to Peppa Pig Land?'
'No darling, it's Christmas, it's closed'.
But Mum, can we go Peppa Pig Land?'
'No, it's Christmas, it's closed.'

And so it goes on for another 5 minutes.

Or, 'is it summer yet mum?', 'is it snowing yet mum?', 'it's winter now, isn't it mum?'.....

Now I know people who have been in this house find it funny when Sasha repeats the same thing again and again (indeed Tamsin just came in, read the first part of this and said 'was she really asking that? That is SO funny!'), but I have to tell you it really isn't. It's difficult to explain just how tiring and wearing it is to answer the same question repeatedly, especially when you know that not being able to fulfill the request is likely to lead to a meltdown - and if not a full-on meltdown, then at least a grumpy mood which could last a long time and affect the rest of the day (and that's just me  Smiley ).

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas. Excuse my lack of festive cheer at the moment, I'm trying to muster it, honestly I am, but it's been a difficult few weeks in the run up to this occasion of the year. ('Mum, it's my birthday after Christmas, isn't it mum?' 'Yes Sasha, but not until June, you remember, in summer...'). Changes in routine at school and lots of practising for the Christmas Nativity show (more on that in another post...) stressed Sasha out towards the end of term and meant that her controlling behaviour stepped up again at home.

Sasha has been quite poorly all week with a very high temperature and bad cough which keeps her awake lots. The situation is made more stressful by the fact she refuses to take any medicine. Actually this week she was so bad she did let me give her a suppository twice (the first medicine she's had for over a year). But although they helped slightly, she hasn't let me repeat that since.... She obviously felt so bad that at one point, when there were beads of sweat on her forehead, she screamed at me for medicine, but as soon as she saw the bottles she screamed it was disgusting and for me to take them away again. I was worried as she didn't eat anything for over 24 hours - not even chocolate, and that's very unlike her.

I took her to the doctor, who examined her and said her temperature wasn't overly high (typically it had dropped by the time of the appointment 4 hours after I called) but she had a red throat and was probably 'brewing' something. At which point Sasha piped up 'can we go to the chip shop now mum?'!!! Funny how kids show you up.... however after leaving the doctors and getting into the car she promptly threw up - now why couldn't she have done that in front of the doctor??! She still then wanted to go and get the first food she'd had in a while - McDonalds chips. I was happy to give her anything!

We have tried everything - syringe, spoon, shot glass, fingers etc - but it is now impossible to get anywhere near her when she's poorly. She doesn't respond to bribery, so offers of chocolate are pointless. She only ever drinks water, so can tell instantly if anything has been added to it and won't drink any more. She doesn't eat sweets (someone once suggesting injecting medicine into a marshmallow, which I thought was a great idea and am holding in reserve if ever needed for Tamsin...!). I've tried homeopathic 'sweeties/drops' but they don't work for the same reason. I'm hoping if it was a matter of life or death we could get something into her, but I'm not convinced - anything you put in her mouth she can of course spit back up or gag on. So all in all, it's a stressful time when her temperature is so high. Fortunately she seems to be on the mend now and I'm glad to have back my laughing, happy Sasha. I just hope the happiness laughs for the big day tomorrow and that she isn't too overwhelmed by the mountain of presents..... yes I'll admit it, I've gone overboard again, sorry. But I LOVE Christmas really!


  1. Hi Steph, I know what you mean about the constant questionning. My son was a lot like this a lot when he was younger. I think he struggled to understand anything to do with the future and time plus he struggled to understand what we said. He still lives very much in the present but he doesn't repeat so many questions these days.

    sorry to hear you've had such a horrid few weeks. Hopefully now that Sasha is on the mend, you'll all have a lovely Christmas.

    Wishing you a merry chirstmas and a happy new year.

    Deb from aspie in the family xx

  2. Awww, well I hope by the time you're reading this she's feeling better. My son would refuse any medication but we could bribe him---Lego's anyone???

    And the constant questioning--Oh that is so NOT funny. A. is 8 now and its calmed down a bit but gets worse as he's stressed. I never knew I had the patience I do......still doesn't make it OK, though! :)

    Have a good Holiday!!

  3. It must be heart-breaking when she won't take the medicine that you know will help her to feel better or even more scary, help her recover at home without a trip to hospital - always my aim as having a child in hospital as a lone parent is a terrifying thought :( Hope she starts to co-operate soon and that you have a lovely Christmas xx

  4. I missed this when you posted it... I really hope things have gotten better with Sasha. I really feel for you.

    Best wishes for a Happy New Year for all of you!


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