Tuesday 10 April 2012

Listography: Top 5 albums by a male solo artist

Gutted as I just wrote this post once and it was totally lost/eaten up by the big bad blogging machine. Anyhow it was so good that I will have to do it again.

When I saw the list on the fab Typecast's blog I just wanted to jump straight in. The idea is to name your Top 5 Albums by a male solo artist (the clue is in the title really...).To reminisce some more, check out the others at Kate Takes 5's blog.

This could have been a toughie for me; as most people will know, I'm actually the world's biggest boy band fan (and yes I am pushing my eldest daughter down that route, 1D tickets in the bag for next year Smiley ). However I'm happy with the end result and conclude that you can't ignore a good bit of male solo either.

1. Billy Joel - An Innocent Man

My first ever album, which is the only reason it's number 1 instead of 2 (I do still love it though!). I actually have this on cassette still!

2. Bryan Adams - Reckless

Now I know a lot of people will be shaking their heads at this, but it was only 'Everything I Do' hogging the number 1 spot for so long that annoyed people so much they fell out of love with him. Not me though. These songs stills end shivers down my spine. I have also been known to say that if I could only ever attend one more concert in my life, it would have to be a Bryan Adams one - and that's a big call from a HUGE Take That fan!

3. Michael Jackson - Bad

Another early one for me and an album that reminds me of my youth.

4. Stevie Wonder - The Definitive Collection

Can't beat a bit of soul. An amazing genius.

5. Robbie Williams - Sing When You're Winning
OK so I'm cheating a bit here as I was desperate to get the boy band thing in.... Gotta love Robbie. Unless you're my best friend who loves Gary that is....

Anyhow hope you enjoyed the list. I'm off to pop a record on... oh no, wait! I can just flick a switch on my computer. The wonders of modern technology!


  1. Brilliant choices - especially Stevie Wonder!!

    And I hate it when your blog post disappears half way through writing it.

  2. You got some classics in there - Reckless brings back plenty of memories!
    Most impressed you wrote your post twice! x

    1. I know, and I really should have been doing something else... bit like tonight really!!!

  3. Great list. It'd cost me a fortune if I had to replace my record collection with CDs so I just wait to hear my favourites on the radio. LOL

    Anne xx

    1. I hardly ever listen to the CDS any more anyway to be honest!! But I will admit to loving Heart fm, who play this type of thing regularly :)

  4. Couldn't resist posting a comment on this. I think my top five would all be by Neil Young (is that allowed?). Mind you, I have the taste of someone twenty years older than me! I've always loved him and found out recently that he is the father of two disabled children too. Just listened to 'Harvest' today. So, so good.

    1. oooh now I'm stuggling to guess your age!! Neil Young.... ummm OK, you're allowed him - but all 5 to be him?! That's just weird ;)


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