Thursday 23 August 2012

The best value haircut ever and a fab day.

On paper, today wasn't going to be one of the easy ones - haircuts for both girls, followed by trip to the library to hang about and talk to an assistant about the summer reading challenge (yawn), and also getting some passport photos done for Sasha.

Both my girls have had to endure several wonky home cuts. I did take Tamsin to my 'grown-up' hairdresser last year, but after paying £21 for the privilege and then Tamsin taking the scissors into her own hands the next day (yes, I wept), we haven't been back. 

I've never thought that Sasha and hairdressers would be a good mix (sitting still and hairdryer noise spring to mind as two reasons why), so I somehow managed to persuade her that haircuts in our bath were 'de rigeur'.

Well somehow I recently found out about Sharkey's Cuts For Kids and I am beyond impressed (apart from the incident where the hairdresser put a clip on Tamsin's ear by accident and made her cry.... but let's just forget about that and thank the lord it wasn't done to Sasha...).

It's apparently an American franchise, and if I win the lottery I am going to start one up in the town where I live. We only had to drive 15 minutes to this one, which was well worth it, but I think every town should have one!

The set-up is that there is a choice of 3 cars for the kids to sit in whilst their hair is being cut - a pink Barbie Jeep, a blue Mini and a Lightening McQueen. In front of them are large flat screen TVs, where a DVD of their choice is played to distract them from the snipping. Tamsin sat in the pink jeep and watched Barbie, and Sasha chose the blue mini. Originally from the website pictures Sasha had picked the red McQueen as her favourite, but when we walked in Peppa Pig was playing in front of the blue car, so that swayed her. Of course we explained that the DVDs could be played anywhere, but she couldn't quite grasp that, so we were lucky there was no-one in to take up the third chair!

For the back view, pop over to my 366 pics blog by clicking here!

Their hair was sprayed wet and then cut very expertly whilst they enjoyed their programmes - Sasha was a little perturbed that she kept having to lower her head for the girl to get a good straight cut as it interrupted her viewing, but thankfully she didn't complain too much as the overall experience was so fab. We skipped the hairdryer bit on Sasha's request, which is fine as their hair dries so quickly anyhow (well jell, I am). Once hair was finished, they got to pick a nail varnish colour and have their nails painted, and then it was time to choose a lolly and take home a balloon. If only my trips to the hairdresser could be full of so much 'pamper'!

All for the price of £12.50 each, and a loyalty card for a half price hair cut the next time we go. We'll be back. My only regret is that I didn't find it when they were younger - Tamsin's knees were sticking out over the top of the car, bless her! They have that covered too - next time I think she'll get to sit in the big girls' chair and play on a PlayStation. Just fab.

Next was the library, where I realised Tamsin has a 'posh' voice when she's talking to other grown-ups (am sure she doesn't get that from me, ahem). Sasha totally surprised me by picking a book and sitting down in the children's book section quietly. I wasn't quite quick enough to get a photo of it, but it really did happen. Then she progressed to picking a DVD, sitting on the picture rugs and running up and down the aisles, herrumph. Still, at least she did it all quietly.

We left to grace the passport photo booth outside with our presence. Cue much hilarity as we realised the chair seat would not screw up high enough to enable Sasha to sit on it AND have her face in the red circle. I improvised with my rather lumpy handbag and Sasha didn't complain once, despite having to jump her on and off and adjust the improvisation several times before she was positioned successfully. Then she understood my instructions about not smiling and looking straight at the camera straight away, and it only took two shots to get what we needed. A small miracle, especially as I've noticed lately how hard it is for Sasha to look directly at you when asked to for a photo.

So all in all another day with my two gorgeous girls that I've really treasured. Maybe I won't send them back to school after all.


  1. Sharkey's are actually here in Ireland too! But I have had a home hairdresser for the past 10 years - she knows my kids and they know her, so I don't see me changing now (she does my hair too!)

    1. Have been thinking of moving to home cuts myself for a while now, but can't think of much less relaxing so for now I'm sticking to paying for expensive salons! Still have to do the old home remove grey colour myself which is bad enough :(

  2. So lovely and such a good way to get a haircut. Now find all those shears in your house and hide them so they don't do their own haircut!!!

    1. Good point. Hadn't occurred to me that Sasha might now fancy a go too! I'm off to find them and lock them up (the scissors, not the girls ;) )

  3. Sounds like a fabulous day indeed and like Blue Sky I was going to say that we have a Sharkeys here in Ireland! Glad the day day went well :-0

    xx Jazzy

    1. am still liking the idea of opening one locally... if I win the lottery!


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