Monday 18 February 2013

Running, running, and more running. Marathon, anyone?!

Back in the heady days of my youth (well, OK, post marriage, I wasn't actually that young if I'm honest), I used to enjoy attending football matches up and down the country. It is fair to say, I most likely would not have suffered so many freezing cold afternoons if it wasn't for my beloved husband who religiously followed his team. I tagged along, not out of fear of becoming a football widow, but because I really did enjoy 'the game' (all those fit young men, running around a pitch, what's not to like?).

Anyhow baby number one came along and so my attendances dwindled. I briefly became a football widow. Then baby number two came along and even Chris couldn't justify all that money on his regular not-so-funny 'entertainment' any more. So we stayed in.

This year, however, he has found a way of getting out again. The crazy fool has decided that, at the grand old age of 41, now would be a good time to run his first marathon. The London Marathon to be precise. So yes, I am now a running widow. As in, I frequently now spend large chunks of time indoors with the girls, wondering if he is coming back, or if he is lying at the side of the road having run out of puff.

Chris will be running the marathon this year for the National Autistic Society (NAS). Obviously since Sasha was diagnosed with ASD aged 2 and a half, this is a cause close to our own hearts. We'd like to raise as much money as possible to help the NAS continue its good work on raising awareness and providing support to families like ours. 

I've mentioned in my recent blog post (Different, not less) how we are not sure what Sasha's future holds with regards to schooling, and this could well be another area which the NAS will come to help us with in time.

I'm actually really rather proud of my husband and all the effort he has been putting into his training. This is a little plea to ask if anybody would like to sponsor him.... maybe then over the next 9 weeks he will talk to me all about his fundraising rather than how his toes are about to fall off. Please click on this link:

and put me out of my misery asap!! Smiley


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    1. Thank you! It is pretty amazing - I know I couldn't do it myself. Crazy though...!

  2. I'll remember running the London Marathon as one of the best days of my life :D I hope your husband does too x

    1. Wow, well done you! Congrats! Don't think I'll ever have the willpower to do it now sadly (and obvs I didn't before either!!) - am glad I can claim I'm 'past it' ;)


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