Sunday 14 April 2013

Reasons To Be Cheerful, April, Week 15 #R2BC

There's a lovely Blog Hop that has been going for some time, started by the lovely Mich at Mummy From The Heart entitled 'Reasons To Be Cheerful'. I've always wanted to take part, as I can always think of at least one thing to be cheerful about, but I never quite manage to find the time to type. However, I persuaded myself that there's no time like the present...

My reasons for being cheerful this particular week are all to do with the fact that we've enjoyed 2 weeks of lovely Easter holidays. I did have to go to work myself, which is not ideal, but I can be cheerful about that as it's only a bit of part-time work, and it's good work!

My lovely parents were supposed to be visiting us for Easter, but at the last minute my mum got a call to say they were ready to do an operation on her chronic sinusitis, and she's been waiting 6 months for that. So whilst I was of course sad that my parents couldn't come after all, I was on the other hand happy that my mum would hopefully get much better soon.

The unexpected lack of childcare (alongside the pleasant company) whilst still having work to go to did mean some pretty impromptu juggling of events, but I can be cheerful about that as a) I have lovely friends who helped out, and b) Sasha went to stay and play at someone's house that she's never stayed in before, and she behaved impeccably! Smiley We also had a couple of playdates with new friends at our house, and it was lovely for me to be able to catch up with these new but as-if-I've-always-known-them friends. 
Right in the middle of the holidays I was able to enjoy a special treat with our eldest girl... a trip to the O2 to see One Direction *squeals!!!*. Obviously this was all for her benefit and nothing to do with my long standing love of boy bands, ahem.... thought I'd throw in a couple of action pics for you to smile over:

After that excitement, as arranged, the girls went up to stay with their paternal grandparents for a few days, so that I could go to work in the second week of the holidays. Whilst I didn't really want them to go as I knew I'd miss them so much, it did mean that I was able to get on with some very important paperwork in the peace at home after work (along with all the usual laundry, ironing etc). So I can be cheerful that the pile isn't quite as big as it was before... Smiley

On their return, I had my biggest reason to be cheerful of late - I'd also managed to use the peace and quiet to get some internet shopping done (only for the girls, of course!) and so when Sasha had settled back in, I was able to present her with several pairs of shoes in different styles and sizes. I managed to catch her at a good time, and she tried them all on quite happily in one go with no fuss, and we managed to agree on a pair of pumps, a pair of sandals and a pair of party shoes! So summer is all sorted as far as Sasha and feet go, which is a weight off my mind.

Finally, today has been 'glorious'
(my mum's favourite word) down South and we've actually been able to make it to the park WITHOUT coats! It's a miracle! Definitely another reason to be cheerful. Come on, join in if you can!

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  1. Great that Sasha was on good behaviour and yaay for One Direction ! My special girl would be so jealous - she's goes to sleep listening to their DVD every night :)

    1. Oh they were quite good I guess... not a patch on Take That though ;)

  2. Brilliant, great to have you join in. Isn't it crazy that we are now declaring it amazing that the sun comes out - I pray for a good summer!

    So glad you managed to get things sorted in the holidays.

    Mich x

    1. I know, but nice weather just puts us all in a better mood really, doesn't it?! x

  3. what a fab Easter you have had! We were without coats today too for the first time this year - long may the sunny weather continue! xxx

    1. I know - and yet when people have asked, I feel the need to say it was a bit 'bitty'!!! Just mean by that, that we did not get a lovely holiday away (which is always top of my list!!). Roll on summer :D


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