Monday 20 May 2013

Our polite, sociable autistic girl makes a new friend......

'Why don't we build the puzzle using the three special steps?' were Sasha's opening words to a little girl in the waiting room who was happily playing with a puzzle on the floor by herself. Of course I knew that Sasha was referring to Special Agent Oso, but I'm not sure the girl was - maybe Oso is common 5 year old language these days though. 'First we have to sort the pieces - into flat outside and corner pieces, and inside pieces. Then we have to build the outside, then we fill in the inside'.

All sounded very logical and straight forward to me. I had warned Sasha as she jumped up to go and 'help' the girl that she should be good and not try and take charge. I was pleasantly surprised with her friendly, if somewhat 'Oso-fied' approach.

Luckily the little girl was receptive to this sudden interruption and to being helped in a bossy sort of way. Sasha set about helping the girl sort the pieces as suggested.

'I'd like to have a puzzle like that' said Sasha, 'would you like to give it to me for my birthday?'.
Thankfully, bearing in mind this girl had never set eyes on Sasha before today, she did reply positively and assured Sasha she would ask her Nan.

Sasha does have a sociable and friendly way about her. She somehow knows how to be polite - as I think I've mentioned before, I rarely have to remind her to say please and thank you. Let's hope it carries on into her teenage years! It's really difficult to explain, but it's almost as if, despite not understanding why she has to do it, she just senses that social niceties are the right way to go about things. If I'm honest, I think she's probably picked a lot of that up from Dora and Oso, so all praise them!

I watched furtively from a distance as the two girls worked really well together. I could tell that Sasha was trying really hard not to take over and be in control, and it was really lovely to see their heads together as they chatted away.

After a good ten minutes Sasha returned to me, with a grin on her face. 'Mummy was I being a good girl?' she asked with a grin. 'Yes, you were brilliant darling' I replied. Her response?

'So can we go to the chip shop now then?'