Friday 30 August 2013

Cupcakes part 2 - seasonal cupcakes!

Themed cupcakes are great fun to make and I've done a few with the girls over the past couple of years. Easter, Halloween, Valentines, Jubilee, Royal Wedding and Christmas cupcakes of course! I think my favourites are the Witches Hats, which are yours?!

Mummy cupcakes

Ghost cupcakesscary pumpkin cupcakes

Witches Hat cupcakes

Spider cupcakesEyeball and tombstone cupcakes

Halloween cupcakes
Royal Wedding cupcakesRoyal Wedding cupcakes

Reindeer cookiesChristmas Tree cookie

Christmas pudding cupcakes

Santa cupcakes

Christmas Tree KrispiesChristmas Sprinkles cupcakes

Christmas Tree cupcakes

Christmas Tree cupcakesReindeer cupcakes

Snowman cupcakesChristmas wreath cupcakes

Christmas bow cupcakesValentines cupcakes

Easter chick cupcakesEaster carrot cupcakesEaster bunny face cupcakes

Easter bunny cupcakes

Easter chick cupcakes