Tuesday 24 September 2013

#oneword. What would yours be?

Okay, OK, I know I should be doing something else... but this idea grabbed me and I ran with it, ahead of all the other mucho important things on my To-Do List.

I came across it on my friend Nickie's blog, over at www.iamtypecast.com, but it was started over by another 'big' (not saying anything about your actual size, ladies!!) blogger at www.thestickyfingersblog.com (where you can see all the other entries). The idea is just a photo of yourself in black and white, with one word that describes you.

So simple and yet so captivating - like photos always are to me. We live in a visual world and I'm a huge fan of those apps such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook which help me share and stay in touch with others. Some call it nosey of course. Whatever. I love them all.

I did make the mistake of asking eldest girl what one word she would use to describe me.

'Good', she said, after some initial thought.

'Thanks darling, but that's not a very.... exciting word, is it?'

'OK then' she replied, 'on time'.

'Well thanks, but that's two words'.

Cue much face churning and 'erm-ing' and then all of a sudden I got 'Amazing'.

Now that's my girl.

Come on, join in, what one word would you use to describe yourself?!

#oneword BUSY!!