Thursday 10 October 2013

Back To School with ASD - an overdue update!

I've had a couple of requests lately, and so I've decided it is indeed time for a long overdue update on Sasha's schooling. People do ask regularly how she's getting on, and I'm never quite sure whether they want the full-on honest truth, or whether I should be just telling them that everything is fine.... 

Which of course it is, mostly, but as most other SEN (Special Educational Needs) mums will tell you, if everything is going well in one area, then you have to start to worry about another. Largely in the hope that you don't get winded by the largest curveball ever, but of course you can't prepare for every eventuality. I guess I can die trying though...

So, whilst I am mid-way through a very long and involved post about the latest ponderings over what the future holds as far as schooling goes, I thought I'd share this little clip of Sasha with you which I took at the end of Day 2 of Back To School for Sasha (shame about the unfortunate still frame it seems to have picked!). 

Back then (how quickly have those weeks flown by?!) my biggest concerns were about the gap widening between Sasha and her peers, and the thought that she would end up spending her playtimes alone. How that might happen is totally understandable, given that Sasha just wants everyone to play her games, by her rules, and she's not too good at explaining what those rules are... Six/seven year olds tend to get bored of being shouted at quite quickly, and I can't say I blame them. However thanks to a push from me for a change to her statement, there is supposed to be some intervention for some playtimes at school, and Sasha seems generally happy of late so I can only assume things are working out fine... for now. 

Sasha alludes to the friendship issues at the end of this video, but I'm happy to say for now they seem to be laying low. Not forgotten though sadly - it's an issue which I'm sure will raise it's ugly head again in the next year or two. 

I feel really blessed though that Sasha's classmates seem to be very accepting of her, and some are amazingly understanding - one gorgeous girl came out of the classroom door to offer her help this morning when she saw that she had an extra item to juggle! I truly hope she remains that loved for the rest of her schooldays and can be protected from the bullying.... time will tell. For now, she's having fun and willingly going to school - what more can I ask for?!