Friday 8 November 2013

An amazing morning! What made you happy today?

Sasha came into my bedroom just after seven this morning. That was a great start, as it tends to be closer to six normally.

She was carrying a basket, covered with her towel, and she plonked it down next to me on the bed.

She whisked the towel off, and inside were three things wrapped up beautifully in tissue paper.
I've seen a pasta necklace or two in the past few years, as I'm sure plenty of other mums with young children have, but this necklace and bracelet were extra special to me. They had been made with so much love, and that was bursting out of Sasha this morning. There was also a beautiful autumn picture, placed in a big envelope so it wouldn't be ruined by folding.

She described everything about her picture before letting me turn the 'card' over; how she had used all the red, brown, green, orange and yellow colours for autumn. When I turned over, this is what I got:
Sasha is 6, and she has autism. She rarely writes as she finds it too difficult - we believe the fear of getting it wrong is mostly what stops her. I knew she could do her name, but have never seen much more than that. So to see all this writing from her, and so neatly, was just amazing for me. Of course the sentiment is what mattered the most, and I'll admit the whole experience brought a tear or two to my eye.

I've been told that she asked to make these things especially - it wasn't a whole class activity. She took great care over them, and told me it was a present of love.

I am such a lucky mummy!

I wrote this post because this small act made me SO happy this morning and I wanted to capture it and always have something to look back on, remember and smile about. This made me decide to add a linky here, because I'd love to share in other people's happiness too (see, I'm greedy like that), but also because I think we should all take the time to reflect on happy times.

So please do link up and add a post; any post, from this week or last year, one already written or one you write specially, I really don't mind. About a time when something or someone made you really happy, big or small, serious or funny. I promise I will read them all and that they will add to the smile already on my face. Please then share so others can enjoy too. Let's radiate a rainbow of happiness!!