Friday 28 February 2014

Have you nominated (anyone, or even just ME) in the MADS yet?!

I don't know if you heard, but there's this teeny tiny HUGE Blogging Awards thingie (see, look how good I am with words!) going on at the moment, called the MADS.

MAD Blog Awards  
Basically, it's the chance for lots of people (non-bloggers included!) to nominate lots of other people who write blogs to win an award for all that blog writing. There are 16 categories, ranging from Best Schooldays Blog to Most Entertaining and Blog Of The Year.

As much as anyone says they are only writing for themselves, I think most people, if they're honest, would admit that it'd be nice to be recognised for something they put a lot of time and effort, and in some cases heart and soul into. Winning isn't important (although of course it'd be v nice!) but the taking part can really make you feel happy.

And so right now I'm floating on Cloud Nine, knowing that my blog has been nominated in several of those categories. Whoever did that, you are ALL (there must have been more than one?!) lovely, generous people!

Trouble is, LOADS of bloggers have been nominated. Very soon they are going to whittle those nominations down to just the Top 4 in each category. Of course I don't believe I have a chance of making it onto that shortlist, but it's nice to dream, right?!

So I'm not begging, but I am asking very nicely, in a super polite voice, that if you haven't yet cast a vote, I would REALLY (my most over-used word) appreciate it if you would consider nominating me in any category, but particularly for Best Schooldays Blog as our blog covers that age range. You can actually enter my URL into every category if you like (wishful thinking), but I can tell you truthfully I don't qualify for the Best Baby Blog one.

Please click here: Nominate for the MADS and then enter my URL which is

I've already made my nominations, but I don't want to upset anyone by saying who specifically as there are too many blogs I love and I am still a bit sad that I couldn't include them all. However if you check out my Blog Love page there are plenty of links for you to go away and enjoy and maybe add to your nomination list!

Thanks so much for reading if you got this far, and for all your support over the past 4 years I've been blogging. I can hardly believe it's been that long! I've loved being a part of the Blogging Community, and the support which that has brought. Special thanks to all my friends and family who read too, and who constantly support me - love you all x