Sunday 10 April 2016

In Need of New Tiles? Bathroom or Kitchen?

Not sure if anyone has noticed, but we have a little old house to renovate this year and so when I heard that the Tile Mountain were running a competition to win some tiles, I couldn't not enter.

What would you put on a mood board to inspire you? Here's mine, below:

The biggest question for me was: would I like Bathroom or Kitchen tiles? So you can see just how difficult that question really is, let me show you....


Sorry if that last pic is one too many...

So anyhow, yes, our 'new' house currently has a separate toilet and bathroom (just like the one I grew up in, awww, happy memories), and yes, it's all pink. Sasha loves it. Luckily, she's not in charge of the decorating.

I think it's fair to say we are going to need a fair few tiles in the new house. Plans are for a bigger kitchen and dining room across the back of the house, and the bathroom is going to end up as one, in a different place. We will also have new ensuites to tile and the downstairs toilet to work on too:

Work starts soon (she says hopefully) so now is the right time to start thinking about what we'd really like. Starting from scratch is very exciting, as I know it will be a huge transformation, but it's also quite daunting.

That's why I was impressed with the opportunity to order free tile samples from Tile Mountain. Their website is super easy to use, and also gives lots of great room design ideas as well as all the individual tiles information and prices. They also have great ideas on their Pinterest board.

I'd love to plump for gorgeous monochrome in the kitchen as on their board, but we'd more likely go for the Limestone Matt Almond Floor and Wall tile for the floor, and add a splash of colour to the walls with the Metro Glass Green wall tiles.

For my ensuite, I would totally love the whole look of this bathroom, which is created with the very popular Metro tiles.

In our main bathroom, I'm hankering after a mosaic effect and would choose the Grey stone and glass mosaic paired with the Velvet grey wall tiles.


In the downstairs toilet, I'd love the Linear Blue Gloss Wall tile.

I could keep going for ages; there's so much choice on the Tile Mountain website ( and I'd definitely recommend checking it out. You can also find them on Facebook at