Monday 27 June 2016

BritMums Live 2016 round-up

So this weekend I attended BritMums Live, a conference for around 500 bloggers (mums and dads, and even non-parents, as it happens) which takes place annually in London (here's my review of last year's event!). It involved a full agenda of sessions to help us all improve our blogging, everything from writing workshops, creative inspiration and travel blogging through to understanding SEO, Google Analytics and innovative ways to make money. I honestly wish I could have gone to all of them - even after six years of blogging, there's always more to learn.

A large group of some of the editors who write monthly round-ups for BritMums on varying topics - mine is SEND (thanks to Kirsty from Hijacked by Twins for the pic!)
What made this weekend's event special for me though, was the people (oh OK, the cake and drink helped too). After six years, I know quite a few names and faces, but only get to see them in person once a year. I can honestly say though, that the vast majority are the some of the friendliest, loveliest people I've ever met, and it's so fab to be able to catch up with them all at events like this. Although it was busy in terms of the schedule this year, I didn't find it crowded; I love the venue the event is held in every year (The Brewery in London) and enjoy being able to move around and have lots of hugs (yes, I'm a hugger, sorry folks who aren't!).

BritMums is all about the people! Just sorry I didn't get photos of everyone, but here's a few of the lovely ladies I got to see...
With so many old faces to greet, my only slight regret is that I didn't get chance to talk to many 'new' faces. I'd had great intentions of finding people who were looking alone and seeing if they fancied chatting, but I got side-tracked. I totally hope nobody felt alone though and that they couldn't come and talk to me/us - remember we were all 'newbies' at one time or another. Next time I'll make more of an effort.

There are far too many people to name check and include links of here, so I've decided to be diplomatic and not include a list. Thanks though, to everyone who talked to me on the Saturday - and especially to those I spent lots of time with on the Friday evening - I definitely enjoyed the 'Fringe' event held at the Holiday Inn Camden and hope that'll be a regular feature now. A special thanks to my lovely roomie Clare who writes at Sons, Sand and Sauvignon - so kind of you to let me drop in at the last minute!
Me and Clare from Sons, Sand and Sauvignon enjoying the Friday night 'bash'
BritMums run the 'Brilliance in Blogging' Awards alongside the conference, and I'm still quite shocked that so many of my lovely readers voted for my little blog to help make it reach the Top 5 in the Inspire Category. Wow, just wow. It was amazing to see our name up there on a big notice board! Thank you all so much. I didn't win, but I never expected to as all the others in the group have amazing blogs - the winner was lovely Michelle, who writes at The Joy Chaser (and that's two links now, I am definitely stopping there!).

Brilliance in Blogging Awards Finalists 2016
So much went on at BritMums Live that I can't possibly blog it all (no, not like THAT, I just mean it was a very busy weekend!) so instead I decided to upload a photo slideshow so you can see just some of the lovely blogging friends I met again and shared hugs with. So much more to say, but I'll stop with a huge thanks to Jen and Susanna and all the organisers for giving us this opportunity to learn and socialise. Let's do it all again next year!

Oooh and here's the video which the fab Colette from We're Going On an Adventure put together, which gives you an even better idea of what went on this weekend!

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