Saturday 30 July 2016

Sea Life London Aquarium (Review)

This week, the girls and I visited London to see the amazing Sea Life London Aquarium.

Going on the London Eye would have been a step too far for Sasha!

Steph's Two Girls outside the Sea Life London Aquarium

The London Aquarium is an amazing place. We had a booking time of 11am but were able to enter slightly earlier; there was virtually no queue which is definitely a bonus for us (and can be the make or break start to our day). Just after you enter, you get to walk on a glass floor and see the fish swimming below your feet! Then you go down a floor or two (no need to wait for the lift unless you have a buggy) and begin your wander through the colorful displays. You can take your time - we found it wasn't overly busy even though it was a drizzly day, and the whole experience lasted around an hour for us. That's with Sasha whizzing through though, I'd say to allow a couple of hours to make the most of it.

Huge variety of fish in the London Aquarium

There are a few huge tanks which host whole shoals of fish along with some giant turtles, and many smaller tanks with everything from jellyfish to Nemo and Dory. There's also an exciting part where you walk through a tunnel and the fish swim above your head. There's a whole area dedicated to penguins, and you can get up close and personal-ish...

Stephs Two Girls in the penguin enclosure
In the Penguin enclosure...

Sasha and I both got to stroke a Starfish - did you know they feel quite soft and fluffy?! We were all so impressed with the variety of fish on offer, and the information boards and displays which gave both fun and serious facts about marine life:

Info boards at Sea Life London
Plenty of learning opportunities

Sasha's favourite was probably the sea worm which made us all giggle:

Sea Horse at London Aquarium

If you are seriously considering visiting then look away now.... the experience I enjoyed the most was the surprise right at the end of our trip, when we got to meet polar bears and a killer whale!

The Sea Life London Aquarium is a fantastic place to visit, and is situated in a great area of London where there are many other sights to see - Big Ben and the London Eye were the girls' favourites, but of course Westminster, the Thames and the Southbank are all huge attractions too. Love London!

Steph and her Two Girls in front of Big Ben :)

Disclosure: we were gifted free entrance in exchange for a review, but all opinions and views of this attraction are our own. We wholeheartedly recommend this as a great day out for any family!