Friday 23 December 2016

SEND Stars 7

I'm very pleased to be bringing you number 7 in my series of SEND Stars just before Christmas. I'll be taking a break until the New Year after this one, but there are more to come, have no fear!

All of the bloggers featured in my SEND Stars series have a life which is filled with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in some way, and my very basic questions are barely scratching the surface of the complicated lives they lead. I know that they would love a bit of extra support generally, so if you can pop over and like their Facebook page, or read and comment on a post, it is all much appreciated.
Drumroll now please for number seven, who provided a verry fitting photo for this time of year:


Who are you? 

I'm Joy, also known as PinkOddy.

Who else is in your family and what are their ages?

My husband and four boys 19, 13, 9 and 7.

Which members of your family have SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) or additional needs, and what are those needs? 

19 year old has Aspergers Syndrome and actually he is doing really well and is at University. He struggles with personal hygiene (but that could be normal at that age right?) and communication really – especially if he doesn’t know people. He seems to be getting by very nicely with the support he has there which includes a mentor who helped him also sort out things like registering with a doctor. 

13 year old we now believe has Autistic Traits. It is all too raw to talk about. 
7 year old has Sensory Processing Disorder and he needs his sensory input to be balanced right, and he needs patience and support. He now has an EHCP as I first got him a Statement of Special Educational needs when he was at preschool. There is a belief that the professionals felt him too young to “label” as Autistic because he has some imaginative play. 

Is there an official diagnosis and if so, what is it, at what age was it given and by who? 

Only the oldest and I had to fight for that until he was 10. It was given by a paediatrician. 

If no diagnosis yet, have you seen any professionals with your concerns? 

We had a DISCO (editor's note: this is a test, not a dancing event...!) eventually for the 7 year old when they decided it was not Autism and the Paediatrician said he has Sensory Processing Disorder with help from the Occupational Therapist. CYPS (formerly CAMHss) said the 13 year old sounds to have traits of autism but then discharged us without any further assessment. 

Can you list the job roles of everyone you've been involved with on your SEND journey so far?

I don’t think I could, there’s been so many. 

Are your children in school (if so, what type of school) or home educated? 

Yes they are in mainstream.     

What would you like others outside the SEND community to know about your child's condition? 

That it isn’t something he can chose to have/ be affected by or not. 

Tell us a fact or funny story about you or your life which is totally unrelated to SEND..... 

We were visiting the hospital one day and my husband really needed a wee – and he read the sign NO FLOWERS as no flow-ers. 


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