Friday 24 March 2017

SEND Stars 11

After a few weeks off (could be something to do with overload of work on our renovation project - see my update post coming soon), I'm happy to bring you another blogger in my SEND Stars series.

Everyone who has taken part in this series has a life which involves SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) in some way; some of them choose to blog about it a lot, some a little but we all share an understanding of how different life can be.

If you have time to pop over to the main blog or Facebook page, and read or even leave a quick comment, I know it will be much appreciated.

So here we go with number eleven.....


Who are you and how old are you?

I'm Jenni & am 37 years old!

Who else is in your family and what are their ages?

My husband Warren who is 35yrs old, Leo who is 12yrs old, Lucas who is 9yrs old, Reuben who is 6 yrs old & the newest addition to the family Faith who was born in June 2016.

Which members of your family have SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) or additional needs, and what are those needs?

My husband and myself are deaf , Reuben is currently undiagnosed (SWAN) and has severe learning disability, macrocephaly, white matter changes on brain, Hypermobility syndrome, Severe sleep disorder. Faith was diagnosed with a profound hearing loss and at the moment is mildly delayed but they believe she will catch up as she was very large at birth and they think this is why its taking her a wee bit longer to reach milestones.

Is there an official diagnosis and if so, what is it, at what age was it given and by who?

With Reuben there is no official diagnosis over all... he has undergone testing since he was 11wks old and is currently on the DDD study  to try and get an official diagnosis.

Faith was officially diagnosed with a significant hearing loss at 4 wks old by the paediatric audiologist at hospital

Can you list the job roles of everyone you've been involved with on your SEND journey so far?

Community Paeditrian , Audiology community paed, Neurologist, genetic consultant. Physio, OT, SALT, Disabilty team, School nurse, Teacher of the deaf, metabolic consutant, social worker, carer,Education psychologist & audiology team

Are your children in school (if so, what type of school) or home educated?

Older 2 attend their local schools, Reuben attends a school outside of our catchment but in same town – its mainstream with a specialist provision unit attached and many disabled children attend mainstream with help. Reuben goes to mainstream full time with 1:1 at all times

Faith is still too young but I hope for her to attend the same school as Reuben as they are more experienced to cater for her needs

Tell us a fact or funny story about you or your life which is totally unrelated to SEND.....

My surname is Jolly and everytime we get asked our name people comment on how its such a happy name. Now if anyone askes how we are my hubby always replies “we’re jolly”! Drives me bonkers!!


Jenni's blog is called Rainbow Dust and can be found at

She is also over on Twitter @mamajolly23 -

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