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World Autism Awareness Day 2017

World Autism Awareness Day; I couldn't not mark this with a quick post about how life is going for our family.
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As was my intention from the early days following diagnosis, I try to still make my blog about the effect on our whole family; the picture above is a lovely siblings snap from a very rare family day out

It's early days for us all in terms of Sasha's awareness of autism; I imagine by now she's well aware of her own differences, and she most likely has an understanding of autism at her level, but putting that into words is something else. She rarely has what could be called a conversation with anyone, so it feels like we muddle on through at the best of times.

I did mention to Sasha today, in the car as we were driving back from McDonalds (one of her happy places), that it was World Autism Awareness Day tomorrow, and she said 'oh, is that a bit like odd sock day?'.

That's what we celebrated at school a week or so ago for children with Down's Syndrome, and she was happy to take part, but I'm not aware of anything being done for Autism awareness. To be fair I haven't requested anything specifically, as we have only recently started talking to Sasha about the fact that she is diagnosed autistic.

This video by  Amazing Things Happen would be great to show to all primary aged children; it covers a wide range of autism, and gives an overall positive message, which is so important:

I showed it to Sasha hoping she would relate and want to show it to her peers, but she wasn't keen. It's all a little early and scary for her. Maybe in the months to come she will feel happy with this idea, but I won't be pushing her to talk about it. As always, we'll follow her lead.

In the meantime, I wondered if it would be good to share a video clip of Sasha as I feel in person is the only way anyone can get a true understanding of her. She was a bit nervous about the idea of doing a fresh vlog to explain how autism feels for her, but was excited about the idea of me sharing what she has recorded as her YouTube channel trailer. 

Sasha videoed it herself last October; in many ways it does give an idea of Sasha in a nutshell. Without going into much more detail, I'd like to just ask nicely if you would watch it (or some of it at least as it's quite long). Maybe give it the thumbs up/like, and if you're feeling super generous, subscribe to her channel. There's nothing else on there yet but if she got more likes and subscribers on hers than I have on my channel, I'd never hear the end of it in a good way!

This is just the start of our 'journey' of understanding; first we have to deal with self-understanding and then we will move on to acceptance. We appreciate all you can do to help us on that way, even if it's just clicking a 'like' button for now!

Happy World Autism Day everyone, whatever that means for you...

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