Monday 10 April 2017

My Dream Pet with Petplan

This blog has brought us many opportunities over the years, and I think I have a new favourite at the top of my list.

We were recently asked to write about the 'My Dream Pet' idea from Petplan. The most exciting part of this was that the girls were asked to draw their dream pet, which could be anything at all - the only limit was their imagination. 

Tamsin went first, and decided that her dream pet would be a cat... very much like the cat we already have, who we adopted as a kitten a couple of years ago from Cat Protection locally. So she drew a picture:

This drawing was then sent off to a very clever man, who reproduced it in minute detail - in soft toy format. This is what arrived back a few weeks later in the post:

How cute is that?! An exact replica of the drawing I would say, and I have to show you an extra photo of the attention to detail - just look at the super cute paws:

Petplan began in 1976 and their aim is to keep the nation's pets healthy and their parents happy. They offer a variety of the best insurance policies to help get beloved pets back on their feet after illness or injury.

Petplan understand that owners have differing and specific needs regarding insurance, and they offer both a genuine 'lifetime' policy and a 12-month policy designed to suit all needs. Petplan works with more animal rehoming charities than any other pet insurance provider and they are committed to supporting charities in any way they can. In 1994 they formed the Petplan Charitable Trust which has raised more than £7 million towards a better, healthier world for animals.

For a quote for an insurance policy which will suit your pet and family circumstances, please take a look at the Pet insurance from Petplan.

Just in case you were wondering, our family pet seemed quite impressed with the likeness too and has definitely got used to having her lookalike around..

This post has been possible thanks to Petplan, but all photos and thoughts are our own!

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