Monday 9 April 2018

Family news

There's new news from the Steph's Two Girls household... we will soon be extending our family! 

A kitten, folks, a kitten. Do you think I'm totally crazy?! 

black and white kitten

Meet Mickey. Named by the girls. It's a slight improvement on the RSPCA name of Justin we think.

This is going to be enough work as it is, to be honest - we already have a 4 year old cat (who was one of a pair of kittens we got, sniff) and she's what is commonly known as a 'scaredy-cat'. As in, she runs away from everyone and everything, gets frightened by birds on the odd occasion she ventures outside, and is most likely not going to welcome an excitable new little plaything with open paws. 
black and white kitten

We'd been thinking for a while that we might get a new kitten as both girls had been asking so nicely for one (some might call it begging or nagging) but hadn't planned a specific time as such. We just knew we'd go to a cat rescue place at some point and join the long queue of other people wanting kittens. 
black and white kittens

These Easter holidays have been so grey and rainy that it's been tough thinking of things to do to get Sasha to agree to leave the house. So last week I suggested a trip to the RSPCA centre to see if they had any kittens in, feeling pretty confident they wouldn't as it's still early in the season. 

Well, whaddya know, they had a mum with 6 week old kittens who they were just about to put out on show for the public! Couldn't believe our luck, obvs. The girls were smitten instantly and we picked one who we hope our older cat will be nice to. 

All sounds good, doesn't it? 

However, it's led to major stress around here that won't be over for a little while yet. This morning it took me half an hour to persuade Sasha to leave the house to go and visit the kitty again - even though she wanted to go and see him, it was raining and she absolutely did not want to go out in it, not even as far as the car. 

I finally managed to strike the right balance of understanding and joking and we got to have a cuddle with the kittens, so all was well... but then at tea time we had a huge meltdown over pretty much nothing. Except it turns out, after some gentle probing, that it's all about the cat, because Sasha is finding it mega stressful having to wait for the cat to come home with us (he's 6 weeks old and can't leave the mum until 8 weeks).

What is good in all of this, is that Sasha has been able to recognise, and even vocalise (albeit in no great detail) that it's the waiting for the cat which is causing her to become frustrated about everything so instantly right now. So there's the silver lining. 

Now I just have to get through the next two weeks. Which, considering they include a return to school, could send my blood pressure levels sky-rocketing. Add on top of that the fact that Sasha said to me while out this morning 'the holidays feel like they've been a long time already and actually I'm really enjoying being at home again, so I'm not sure I'll want to go back to school' and you can see why my wine consumption may be following an upward trend this month. Don't judge me.

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