Tuesday 25 February 2020

MAD Blog Awards 2020.... Finalist!

I'm so chuffed to have made it into the finalist list for the MAD Blog Awards and want to say a huge thank you to everyone who nominated me to be there. The MAD Blog Awards are for parent influencers (originally Mums and Dads hence the MAD) in a range of categories, set up by the Tots 100 parent blogger network. There are twelve categories in total, ranging from Best New Influencer to Favourite Family Lifestyle Influencer. The category I made it to the finals of is 'Tween and Teen', quite fitting as my girls are now aged 14 and 12. 
five bloggers posing in front of MAD Blog awards sign

The news that I'd reached the finals of the MAD Blog Awards came hot on the heels of the news that I'd reached the finals of the BAPS Awards, so I'm hoping not too many people are confused by the two-votes thing going on...
the BAPS Awards voting is open until 19th March though whereas final voting for the MAD Blog Awards closes at midnight this Friday, 28th Febuary. So if you would like to vote for me, or any of the other fabulous bloggers in the lists, please head over via this link now:

Voting in the MAD Blog Awards 2020 is now closed

You'll need to scroll down the list about halfway to find where it says favourite Teen and Tween Influencer, then click on the arrow for the drop down box and select a blog name (hopefully mine...!).

Whilst I would eat my hat* if I actually won either of these awards, it gives me such a happy glow to have even been nominated in the first place. I've spent a lot of time on the computer, on all forms of social media over the past ten years, and I know a lot of people think I'm crazy for doing so. Recognition for the effort I've put in is of course lovely, but it's not really about that for me - it's a chance to spread a bit more understanding about the particular profile of autism (PDA) which our younger daughter has, along with many other children and families who are largely misunderstood.
local newspaper headlines about blog awards

Last weekend an article about the blog awards was published in our local newspaper and then yesterday I was invited onto the BBC 3 Counties radio show to talk about my happy news. Of course I took the opportunity to chat about PDA, although it was only a short segment and so over far too quickly! You can listen to the programme here - my part starts at 1:12:24

Writing has been a good way for me to explain in more detail what life with PDA is really like. I've appreciated having this blog as an outlet over the years, and I've really appreciated the lovely comments I've had and the thought that I'm helping other families through some stressful times. So a huge thank you again to everybody who nominated me and to those who continue to support me. Back to the PDA blogging soon - although there's quite a big back catalogue of posts already if you're ever bored!

Some of my happiest blogging memories are from previous MAD Blog Award ceremonies. I was lucky enough to attend four separate events from 2013-2016 so I have a lot of photos which I'd love to share... Clicking the various links in this post leads to some of them in different blog posts about the awards so I won't overdo it here. Here's just one little collage:
mad blog awards finalists 2016 collage
Can't resist briefly mentioning the time I did the MAD Secret thing and took part in a MAD flash mob at the event in 2014...
Flashmob dancing shot MADS 2014
Happy times with lots of smiling faces though, and I can't resist including the Dr.Ranj montage - seriously one of the nicest guys I've met, with the biggest smile (and eyebrows!):
collage of Steph with Dr Ranj
collage of finalists from MAD Blog awards 2016

*eat my hat = funny, very old expression meaning you don't think something will happen.

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  1. You really deserve this nomination and looks like the awards event will be a lot of fun. I look forward to watching you eat your hat!

  2. I've voted, and keeping my fingers crossed to see you eat that hat! (Funnily enough, that same expression exists in Swedish as well btw.) x


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