Thursday 27 May 2021

Father's Day Gift Ideas from ASDA Photo

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Father's Day is 20th June in the UK this year and I'm feeling mega organised as I've already sorted my gift for my Dad. If you're feeling like I do most of the time, that men are extremely difficult to buy for, then read on because you might like some of my suggestions. Dad, if you're reading, look away now...!

The ASDA Photo website has a great variety of personalised gifts to choose from, all at very reasonable prices. Take your pick from prints, phone cases, jigsaws, cushions, face masks, tea towels, magnets, mugs, aprons, key rings, stationery and more - maybe even a beach towel for those lucky enough to be heading off to the seaside?!

First decision is of course a Father's Day card to show your love and appreciation. There are plenty of cards to choose from on this site. These are 5x7 inch gloss coated, personalised cards for just £1.90 each - you can get creative with your own layout or choose from one of their designs (a handful of them are shown above). Then you can add any text you like in a variety of fonts and colours, before having the card posted to you with a blank envelope so you can personally sign it. Or you can get the printing done fully by ASDA and have them send it direct!
a variety of designs of cards for fathers day
I also ordered a cushion and a jigsaw for my Dad. The jigsaws come as either 112 or 266 puzzle pieces, starting from just £10. They are Ravensburger jigsaws, a brand known for their high quality so the pieces all fit together smoothly, and they come in a sturdy box perfect for wrapping and gifting. You can choose to reproduce single photos, collages or even pick from some fun background open box sitting on a table, with lots of jigsaw pieces in it
For the cushion, I went a bit wild and picked six photos to be printed on the shape I chose, in a collage format. I liked the flexibility of being able to show more than one image (even though it might not be so aesthetically pleasing to those who love their home interiors!). 

There's actually a huge range of layouts and backgrounds which you can choose from for the cushions, or you can design and upload your own. There are square, rectangle, circle and even heart shaped cushions, all in different size options. For the fabric, cushions can be suede or canvas - I plumped for suede and it's super soft, but still with a great quality print on it.teal coloured sofa with a black square cushion on it. The cushion has 6 family photos printed on it

I found the ASDA photo website to be really intuitive and easy to use, and the products were great quality. They arrived promptly, within days. I'd always suggest checking the website or delivery times and details at your time of order though. I'll definitely be using it again myself for other occasions throughout the year too.

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