Thursday, 29 July 2010

Doctor visit but nothing urgent

Just had to blog about my doctors trip today - Tamsin has some spots around her legs and body, not many, but I thought I'd better get her checked out - and actually Sasha has the odd one too. So off we went to the doctors at 430, pretty sure he would say it was a non-specific viral rash (and he did), and a bit nervous as Sasha hadn't slept all day (of course Tamsin had!!). Well thanks to arriving early and so a quick trip to the shop for some large chocolate buttons, Sasha was on top form, apart from wanting the appointment to be all about her and for the doctor to check her too, with otoscope and stethoscope. So at the end of him checking Tamsin, I took a deep breath and asked if he wouldn't mind just checking Sasha's chest too with the stethoscope, as she had autism and if he didn't she'd be upset all the way home and for the rest of the evening! He gave me a funny look (but thankfully obliged) and said 'oh I didn't realise she had autism'. 'No, I mean, how would you, it's not like it's written on her forehead and we didn't come here to talk about her' I felt like saying!! Bless him, he was only young, but I did think it was a funny thing to say....

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