Sunday, 1 August 2010

Bedtime books

Just a quick one tonight. I'm very happy as in response to my whispered 'I love you' to Sasha at bedtime, she did reply unprompted 'love you mummy' :)

I generally have to lie on the bed with Sasha for a while before she is happy for me to leave the room, and it did end up being a bit longer tonight but I really enjoyed the cuddle - she was cuddling me and stroking my face and almost giggling at times so it was hard for me to leave as I didn't want to! Earlier I'd read a couple of the short board books to her, and then she decided she was going to read one to me - for the first time. She picked it up and said something for every page (followed by 'the end' as that is what I always say!!!). Then she was feeling brave and decided to progress onto reading a couple of her Dora books for me. Well I was amazed, as she stopped on every page and said the gist of the story - certain words quite clearly (generally keywords like map, backpack, Diego and all the words which we usually have to call out as part of the story) but also remembering and attempting a lot of the other words, with her own language in between. She did 2 whole Dora books like this, every page, which is no mean feat as it was not long ago that she actually let me read every word from a Dora book to her for the first time - usually she's very quick to turn pages and knows exactly which bits of the story she wants to hear or not! She can now sing the alphabet song, although she's not recognising the letters yet.

So all in all a lovely bedtime. Already dreading tomorrow morning though, as it's a nursery day, and important for me to spend some time alone with Tamsin in holidays, but Sasha has become a lot more vocal lately about not wanting to go to nursery. I know she has a lovely time when she is there though, and of course mixing with the other children and adults is good for her, so although I nearly crumble every time it is important for her to go too.

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