Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The ball has started rolling....

So, lovely sunny day today, helps to make me feel better after a poor nights sleep - had so much going round my head about Sasha that I was awake for ages last night. I actually applied online for a Special Needs statement on Friday and so spent most of yesterday typing up the supporting document to go with it - i.e. what Sasha is really like and what our concerns are. It's quite involved and it is actually quite difficult to only mention the negatives, but very necessary. We know of course that Sasha is a gorgeous little girl who is very bright and loving, but she is different and does have a hidden disability. We need to be prepared and let everyone know as much detail as we can about how she is and how she sees life, in order to give her the best start at school possible. We've already been told more than once that she's not bad enough to get a statement, but not being bad enough won't change the way she is or help anyone to understand her. Next thing on the agenda is to think about what school will be right for her and to plan ahead to ease that transition. Meetings and more meetings will be my life for the forseeable future! Good job I'm not out at work ;)

The EYAS came back to visit Sasha today after the summer holiday break, and Sasha was very excited to see her. She ran through all the toys and puzzles easily and mostly with good humour, even asking for help at one point (but not unprompted!). The EYAS did mention how the speech doesn't seem to have become clearer at all, and how she was finding she needed to 'tune back in' to what Sasha was saying. Sounds strange I know, but in a way it's good to have the difficulties highlighted, and not just everyone saying how well she is doing all the time.

She has gone off to the afternoon nursery session today, but was starting to get upset and asking for bed because she didn't want to go when it was time to leave home. I had to whisk her out without any shoes and carry her (and the shoes!) there, and try and persuade her it was a good idea to go as we walked there. Fortunately she perked up when she heard the children playing out in the garden and waved bye to me happily, thereby giving me chance to do this quick update! Off to do some more school research now though....

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