Sunday 21 November 2010

Better news

Thankfully feeling more positive at the moment, although I know only too well that in this game it's likely to be up and down always... Good news is that the school came back to us with the offer of a morning nursery place for Sasha starting in January, so of course we accepted and am very pleased. That means only a few more sessions for Sasha at her current nursery, couple of weeks off (not for me!!) over Christmas and then a fresh start at school in January. Although she doesn't really understand fully, she has already asked to go to school and I'm sure it's the best option for her. Fingers crossed anyway! Just need to try and improve her understanding - and now we have a great new speech therapist on board so another thing to be optimistic about.

Also had the meeting with the council and a new date set for the panel to decide on assessment again, so more fingers crossed!

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