Sunday 12 December 2010

Still waiting.....

Have been waiting for news so I could update my blog, but sadly still no final outcome on whether Sasha will be assessed for a Statement or not. The case did apparently go back to the panel after my meeting with our council rep, but when I chased to find out what had happened, I was told there was some discrepancy between the nursery and the autism advisory service information. Not quiet sure what exactly, not even sure they knew what. I was assured they would follow it up and call back to let me know, but as yet, a week later, no further news. I'm guessing that they will decide again not to assess, and then we have to decide whether to go to court and appeal or wait 6 months and re- apply. Sigh.

Struggling with the day-to-day in the run up to Christmas, particularly now I have 2 poorly girls :( On the bright side though Sasha has now been into her new school nursery 3 times - the middle one didn't go very well but it was obvious after it that she must have been coming down with something. The other 2 times were very encouraging; she seemed fairly confident to play with different things and even have some interaction with the teachers. Due to go back twice with her this last week of the term, and will try and leave for a short period if she's up to it (although as she's under the weather I won't push her). I think if I'm honest I'm still living in fear of her first meltdown for them, as one is sure to happen and I think it will really surprise them. Just hope they can deal with it!

Roll on a peaceful Christmas.. Although not much chance of that as Father Christmas is coming to take away the dummy..... Yikes!

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