Monday 17 January 2011

New Year, New School, New Sasha??!!

Well. I'm amazed! Sasha's start at the school nursery really couldn't have gone better. She's had 3 mornings there so far, and has come bounding out of every session with a big grin on her face. Then she's continued bouncing around at home in a good mood all afternoon - apart from when we have to drive back to school to collect Tamsin, which she never wants to leave the house for. Can be tricky, as she disrobes the second she first gets in at about 1245pm, so I do have to persuade her to dress again at around 230pm. I've only had minor mutterings about not wanting to go in the mornings, and I've hardly had to chase her round to put the uniform on at all!!

I'm feeling quite pleased with myself as I did manage to put some advice from our Earlybird autism course into practise, which I'm sure has helped. It's a laminated schedule with Velcro pictures on, breaking down the week and the day by timings, so Sasha knows Mon-Fri uniform goes on first, followed by school, packed lunch, playtime with mummy, collect Tamsin and bedtime, and this seems to have made her more settled about what is happening. The 'collecting Tamsin' bit is obviously least favourite, and the 'going to sleep in mummy and daddy's bed' which was originally reserved for weekends has somehow crept onto every day's schedule, but minor points in what I'm considering to be an overall success really :) Tamsin was also very interested in the schedule, for the first couple of days!

So the routine is going well, and nursery haven't complained yet... the EYAS has spent some time in the room for a couple of days, so I have had feedback that there have been times when Sasha hasn't wanted to join in or do something, and so has crouched on the floor and had minor strops, but as the staff have ignored her and just left her she has largely got over it very quickly and run to catch up! Of course I know that a bad day will still most likely come before too long, but at least I'm reassured that she feels happy and confident in her surroundings and is working with the staff, so hopefully all will not be lost. It really has been the best possible start, and I'm convinced it was the best thing we could have done for her. It will definitely ease the transition into starting school in reception (assuming we get her place there...).

Tomorrow the educational psychologist is due to visit and observe Sasha, followed by a meeting with me, and she will then write her independent report to go towards the Statement assessment. Of course if everything goes well tomorrow then it may look like Sasha doesn't need any extra help at all, but I'm hoping they are realistic and take everything previously into account. If nothing else, she still needs SALT help (of which no signs yet...). We also need to have her hearing tested again for the Statement, although I'm convinced there's nothing wrong with that, so it's a minor inconvenience really.

So happy days, long may they last :)

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