Tuesday 11 January 2011


Feeling a bit sore and sad tonight, after Sasha gave me a well-aimed whack on the head earlier this afternoon with a twirling majorette baton (really not as funny as it sounds, and yes I know, rubbish present, hindsight is a wonderful thing...). It was a really vicious attack... no, not really, we are actually very lucky that Sasha has never shown any signs of aggression or violence and long may it stay that way. She was just a bit hyper after a 10 minute afternoon nap (when she could have done with more sleep) and she was just playing (or so she thought - think from my screams she realised it wasn't such a fun game any more!). What's upsetting is that she really didn't mean to do it, she was just playing, but she doesn't really 'get' why that wasn't a good thing to do. Obviously others her age would, and if it had been Tamsin she had hit, I don't think the pain would have gone away for Tamsin. She definitely wouldn't have understood why Sasha did it, or that she didn't mean to hurt her. So for me it's sad as it highlights that there will be times when others simply don't understand her or what she's doing - although of course I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she doesn't play that type of 'game' any more!!

She has been remarkably good about everything lately, so cheerful and easy going (well, mostly...) that I think it has been easy to get lulled into a false sense of security about how she is improving. Today has not helped allay my fears about her start at the new school nursery on Thursday!! Just hope they really are as understanding as they seem :) She was excited today as she got to see her EYAS again for the first time after the Christmas break - she did actually ask for her out of the blue yesterday after the first school run of the week, so I know she must have missed her, which is nice. The EYAS will be going into school the morning Sasha starts to help out, but I'm still undecided on whether this is for the best or not - she is great with Sasha, but when we had a trial session pre-Christmas, she was there too and Sasha didn't want to have anything to do with her. Jury is still out on whether that was because Sasha was a bit poorly, or whether it was a shock for her to see her EYAS in a new setting, not something she is used to. Sometimes she seems fine with changes to routine and new things happening, but it can all catch up with her later in the day. We'll see - all I know is that Thursday morning I'll be biting my fingernails (metaphorically speaking; haven't done that since I was a teenager!!).

Have won a few minor battles over food lately - predominantly tea time, which has been an issue for a while now. Sasha seems to fill up during the day and so 'tea' is not a favourite word - she would have sandwiches twice or three times a day every day if I let her! However have managed to bribe her to eat spoonfuls of other things lately, so it's a slow process but I have hope for the future. Likewise with the nappy situation - we have now switched to pull-ups (for nursery's sake) and she did scream about that and refuse them the first day. However now we have shown her we have none of the other ones, she is happy with her 'big girl pants/nappies' - still not happy to go without though! We have made progress in that there have been several times she has happily sat on the toilet, but apart from one lucky moment on Christmas Day, it's either not been the right time or she's managed to hold it in despite sitting for a while. So we'll get her settled at nursery and try to 'lose/run out of' all the nappies in a couple of months!! The dummy has now permanently gone, which is great, and although she does still request one from time to time, it is usually in a jokey manner rather than in a screaming fit. She has replaced the dummy with going to sleep in mummy and daddy's bed at bedtime though, but as long as she continues doing that with no fuss and being transferred easily to her own bed we're happy to let it go!

Sell my head is still smarting a bit tonight, so early to bed for me.

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