Sunday, 22 May 2011


  1. Oh dear, is that carpet?

    and breath....

    Mich x

  2. Oh dear! Is it too soon to applaud her creativity? X

  3. Oops. Can I recommend the Dr Beckman biro stuff? It took some major artwork off my cream sofa...

  4. Oh geeze - I actually gasped when I opened this post. Will it come out the carpet?

  5. and the answers are... yes it's carpet. Yes i feel it's sadly too early to applaud creativity - she's 4 next month and won't remember that it was naughty, so it may well happen again. Will try Dr.Beckmann next.... but so far we've tried carpet 1001 cleaner, lubricant, soap and water, steam cleaner (rug doctor) and vodka. Am guessing the answer to comment number 4 is no, unless Dr.Beckmann is a miracle worker... ;)
    will now post the 'after' photo - spot the difference....

  6. Oh no what a nightmare you did well to restore it to whats in the updated pcture!! :)


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