Monday 17 March 2014

Siblings {March}

So I'm a little behind again (who me, what, that almost never happens.. ahem) and it was thanks to spotting a couple of other posts that I realised it was 'Siblings' time again.

The idea behind this is to have one photo of your siblings every month this year. This was the brainchild of Lucy who blogs at Dear Beautiful and who is an amazing photographer. She shares the linking-up joy with several other bloggers. I think it's a great way to catalogue the love and changes as they grow up.

I've actually had chance to snap quite a few of my two girls together lately, so below will be another collage (one pic is never enough). As my main Siblings photo I've decided to choose the one taken closest to the linky date of 10th March:
This was the girls on a day they were about to go out and enjoy some Daddy time, while Mummy was off reminiscing with some old school friends. I love this as they look so happy - there was also a silly face version just before this.... It's a bit blurred, think Daddy needs to brush up on his photography skills.

As promised, here's the obligatory collage - in fact, two of them, so much fun this month!

dear beautiful