Tuesday 3 October 2023

PDA in the Family (Book)

PDA in the Family: Life After the Lightbulb Moment is our family's story of living with the type of autism known as Pathological Demand Avoidance.
orange book cover with line drawings of lightbulbs all coloured in differently. Text in yellow is title PDA in the Family with black handwritten font saying Life After the Lightbulb Moment from the author of Steph's Two Girls blog
PDA IN THE FAMILY will be released on the 18th January 2024 but is available for pre-order now from Amazon using this link (or tap on the book cover image): PDA in the Family book

Our younger daughter, Sasha, was diagnosed with autism nearly 14 years ago, at the age of two. I started this blog on that day, trying to make some sense of my thoughts. Over the years that followed I have shared many of our family's experiences via this blog - but as I came to understand over the past couple of years, blogging is very different to writing for a book! 

My book is an honest account of how family life has been for us since that day of diagnosis and the subsequent lightbulb moment. I am not one of those people who always wanted to write a book, but I felt that I needed to write it, to increase the amount of PDA literature available. There are so many people who would benefit from understanding more about this particular type of autism, and how PDAers can present differently to other autistic people. I hope my book will help PDA children and adults who are being misunderstood and parents who are being unfairly judged.

Thoughts and comments from both of our girls are included in the book and as an extra bonus, Mr C has written a whole chapter! I am hoping that hearing a dad's honest perspective of life with PDA will help many others too.

Pre-ordering using the link above is much appreciated - it will help spread the word to others that this PDA book is upcoming!

"In this honest and open account of life with her PDA daughter, Sasha, Steph Curtis reveals the everyday struggles and explores the milestones of raising a child diagnosed with Pathological Demand Avoidance. This book guides you through the Curtis family's 'lightbulb moment' of recognising Sasha's PDA profile following her autism diagnosis at the age of two, their experiences of various education settings and attempts to access support, everyday life at home and relationships with family and friends.

Bursting with practical takeaways and advice from creating personal profiles for your child to help them transition through schools and other settings to the reasonable adjustments you can actually ask for to help make life easier for your PDA child.

With unique insights from Sasha's father, sister, and Sasha herself, this book offers insider knowledge, understanding and advice from one family to another. It would also be helpful for those in education, healthcare or other settings to gain a better understanding of Pathological Demand Avoidance."
Also available to pre-order direct from Jessica Kingsley Publishers:
grey block with orange book cover in middle. image has lots of lightbulbs and yellow text with title PDA in the Fmily. 18th Jan 2024 paperback and ebook £12.99

Or pre-order via Waterstones:
sales page on waterstones website for pda in the family book. shows orange front cover

Or alternatively, ask your local independent book store if they will order it in for you! 

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