Monday 14 April 2014

The Andrex WASHLETS challenge Steph vs Chris

A little while ago, Mr C and I were given a little challenge/something to amuse us on a Friday eve. Well, I say 'us', but Mr C grumbled his way through it all and swore he'd never join in something so much fun again.

So here it is, our Andrex WASHLETS challenge (for more details see

Apparently, Andrex Washlets surveyed 2,000 British adults to analyse their conversation and found that nearly half of Brits (47%) shy away from having conversations about difficult subjects – more of us shy away from talking about bathroom habits than mental health and sex! The survey also found that women are generally much better at broaching difficult or embarrasing topics.

As you'll see if you click the following Tots 100 link Who's better at talking tricky topics?, Chris was overall Runner-up with 7 points - but I challenge that as I was the one who got the 7 correct answers!!

I'm still not sure what our clip proves - that Mr C is not so good at guessing, or that I am better at guessing, or that my words were more difficult?! ;) What do you think?! And how would you describe the word 'tense'?!