Wednesday 7 May 2014

What do you think of our #MarioCrafts?!

The lovely folks over at Nintendo recently challenged us to make some #MarioCrafts. Luckily they also send a bit of inspiration (aka a crib sheet) along and we just had to give it our own interpretation.

First of all, we painted some hard boiled eggs! This was actually trickier than I thought it would be, as despite using lovely thick poster paints, the colour didn't seem to want to stay on very well. Sasha ended up turning hers into a multi-coloured spotted delight, but Tamsin persevered and ended up with a lovely Nintendo question mark. I couldn't resist trying a Mario myself....

Next it was onto our favourite activity, a 'spot' (excuse the pun) of baking. Never ones to turn down a cupcake challenge, we whisked up our usual easy batch of vanilla cupcakes (recipe as in a previous post here) and set about decorating them. 

With the buttercream we added some bright blue colour to one batch then experimented with some smaller, different shaped nozzles, which was fun (think I'll stick to my usual big one for the semi-professional finish though!). Then it was simply a case of cutting the stars out of some yellow ready-to-roll icing and 'drawing' the eyes on using a small tube of writing icing.

Then we hit a minor problem. My red food colouring had gone missing! So we improvised - deep pink is nearly as good, right?! I found the red later on, after we'd finished, typically....

So what do you think of our #Mariocrafts?!

We were sent some paints and baking accessories product for the purpose of making our #MarioCrafts, and a giftcard to help us purchase ingredients. All the views expressed here are our own.