Tuesday 27 May 2014

Alphabet photo project, week 2. #alphabetphoto

There's a new photo linky on the go, over at the lovely PODcast blog. It's an alphabet theme and sadly I was so busy that I missed week one... so here we are, onto 'B' already.

Couldn't resist coming in with this one at the last minute - my B for this week was taken today, and is...


My home town of sunny St.Annes, and this is my two girls having an impromptu building session on the beach today. A day when the weathermen said it would rain. They were so wrong. Although a teeny bit more sun wouldn't have gone amiss. We didn't get sunburnt though.

Anyhow we were treated to a beach assault course by Tamsin, and we helped Sasha with her old favourite, turning herself into a mermaid.

Tamsin was then a little peckish so helped herself to a 99...

Having a fab half-term here folks!