Sunday 13 July 2014

Siblings {July}

Short and sweet this month; one simple photo which says it all I think. The love is there.
Stephs Two Girls
The best of friends
We had a fabulous family day out today; not without its stresses and strains getting out of the house, but worth it to be there. Tamsin was performing on stage at a local festival, as part of her Jazz group. She loves both ballet and jazz and is always full of natural smiles when on stage dancing. We had a bit of a wait for her turn, and then disaster struck when there was a power cut half way through. The show must go on though, and after a good 20 minute wait power was restored and the routine started from the beginning again. So we got to see it twice! 

Sasha struggled today as she always does with anything which involves crowds, and hanging around waiting, but she did her best and was rewarded along with Tamsin with the enjoyment of the bouncy trampolines afterwards. Sadly her difficulties meant that we couldn't hang around and chat to other people socially as we might have liked, but at least we enjoyed some quality family time together. We've learned to take what we can get. And OK, I fibbed about there being just one photo.

dear beautiful