Friday 29 August 2014

Post Comment Love and Newbie Showcase 29th to 31st August

#PoCoLo Linky now open!

Welcome to the end of August (29th to 31st) and this week's Post Comment Love. I'm delighted to be holding this for Victoria while she takes a little break, as it's always been one of my favourite linkys which I try and join in with often. A few times I've even left comments for the whole 100 or so linkers, so I'm hoping some of you recognise my name! I think reading blogs is as important as writing them and #PoCoLo is a great way to find new ones all in one place. With some children already back at school but others due to go back soon, I'm expecting to see a few school related posts in this week. These will no doubt be split between the 'yay! can't wait for them to go back' and the 'oh I'm going to miss them SO much, sniff'. Which do you fall under?!

In case you've not visited my blog before, I'm Steph, Mum to two girls (see, it does what it says on the tin if anyone else is old enough to remember the Ronseal adverts?!) and I've been blogging for 4 and a half years now. Our youngest girl, now 7, was diagnosed with autism at the age of two and a half, so some of my blog is explaining how life is different learning all about that as we go along. It's always been important to me to not let others forget about our other daughter who is equally special (and not autistic) and so my blog covers general family life and a fair bit of baking and photos too. 
This is my view as I'm writing this - my hometown where I grew up. Now we live further South and I miss the seaside, sniff!

Despite the extra challenges we have persuading our youngest to leave the house (see my post Is getting out easy to do?), we have had some fantastic days out over the summer break (see Lollibop) and a lovely holiday week in Tenby (it's a gorgeous place, look at my beach photos in Dear Diary!). The reason we stayed in the UK this year is that we have now booked our 'holiday of a lifetime' to Florida for next year - please do click on Planning a Walt Disney World Florida holiday to read my recent post about what we had to consider when booking. There's still a lot more for me to research before going though, so if anyone has any great Disney tips or posts about having been yourself, please do leave them for me in the comments!

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If you are a regular linker then it would be great if you spread the #PoCoLo word. However, if you are new then welcome! Post Comment Love is all about sharing posts which you have written this week which just haven’t got the attention they deserve and, with them all in one place, we can help each other share the comment love. This is one of the easiest links EVER. You don’t have a ‘special theme’ to have to write about, the post can be personal, sponsored, a photo, a review, a competition, your own linky, something you’ve linked to a linky….WHATEVER you like – it’s one you’ve already written this week! If you want some publicity and attention, then you are in the right place!

Please make sure you go across and comment on at least two other linkers' posts. Linkys work if everyone supports each other :) then spread the #PoCoLo about this link up on Twitter. The post you link up has to have been written in the last week. The link will go up every Friday at 6.30am and close on Sunday evening at 8pm.

The ‘About Me’ special is still open to join until April 2015 – so if you are new then it is a great place to introduce yourself and it is also a great resource to find out about your fellow bloggers.  Don’t forget our #SoFoLo community on Google + and our #PoCoLo Facebook group where you can come and post your PoCoLo post for some more shares as well as any of your social media accounts of yours that need more followers.

Vicky has a list for the Newbie Showcase running into June 2015. If you would like to be featured then please email her at so she can put you on the rota. Remember, your blog needs to be under a year old to feature from the time of sending your email to her.

So this week we have an extra special Newbie entry......

Business card front 3
Hi everyone, this is Grace and Lucas and we write the blog kidGLloves...well, actually our Mum's write it but we tell them what to say. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, Grace's Mum is from Verily Victoria Vocalises and Lucas' Mum is from Wicked World of Lucas but that is enough about them!

We started our blog on Christmas Eve 2013. THE second best day of the year...first is Christmas Day...apart from our birthdays. We wanted to start a blog because we believe that kids tell the truth much more than the grown-ups do. We have given reviews about stuff - even when Lucas didn't like it - and we have also been on a fantastic break together thanks to Forest Holidays.

It isn't just us who writes the blog either. Ash, Lucas' dog, shares his thoughts too in Dogged Determination. We have also run competitions and stuff and we are still crossing our fingers about entering the MAD Blog Awards Kid Blog of the Year (especially as Vita Coco drinks are Grace's favourite).

One final thing. We have our own linky that we run every Wednesday (back on 10th September as we were having too much fun during the summer!) called 'Mini Creations'. Our Mums take a photo of something that we have created that week and then share it on our blog. That way they have a memory of it but - in Grace's Mum's words - then they can bin it and it won't clutter up the house! Hope to see some of your kid's creations there.

Thank you to the lovely girls' Mum, Steph for looking after Grace's Mum's linky this week - it means she actually gets away from her computer for a while! Have a great weekend everyone. Please find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest.