Saturday 9 August 2014

Was it really only seven days?

Oh Blog, how I've missed you. Was it really only seven days?

If only I'd realised before I left that we would be truly parted, separated for seven whole days. I'd have left you with some memories, something to pass the time, some extra special words for that lone reader out there.

It was an unexpected estrangement and not a welcome one. I battled on valiantly for the whole week, with only a trip in the car where we briefly passed through a larger town providing some respite.

Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Couldn't really say who I missed the most. No being nosey, no catching up on everyone else's lives, no sharing of my happy moments. It was tough.

No wifi, no 4G - not even a hint of 3G! Where was this strange world I found myself in?

Wales. South Wales. 

Another country, where the food tastes different according to Sasha. Welsh Weetabix and milk are in no way the same as home Weetabix and milk, apparently.

I love you Wales, you were the home of my father and his family and you have some brilliant beaches. But please, please, jump into the 21st Century before I return next time.

Everyone else, brace yourselves for the follow up posts with more holiday pictures.