Tuesday 4 November 2014

Britmums Carnival: November

Can you believe I'll have been blogging for five years in January?! Well, I can't. Some time earlier on this year, I thought I'd celebrate by jumping at the chance to join the Britmums Carnival Schedule and be the host of lots of new and exciting posts. Reading other stories and experiences online has been as much a part of blogging for me as writing my own posts, but I'm the first to admit I don't find the time for it often enough.

So I'm very glad to be able to bring you a wide variety of posts this month from Halloween to Fashion. Take your pick, or preferably read them all - and a little comment or two in the TV ad breaks would be massively appreciated I'm sure! Sit back with your cuppa and enjoy...

Funnily enough, I've actually done a round-up post of my own this month, just to explain a bit about little old me to any new readers. So if you've not dropped by before, please do make me even happier; read why I started blogging in my post Who am I? What is PDA?

First up I'm going to introduce a male blogger *shock! horror!*. Dave, who writes over at the DADventurer blog, has posted this amusing time schedule detailing his first weekend left 'holding the baby'. Quite literally. I love a bit of humour - hell, who am I kidding, I love as much humour as I can get, at any time. Read his post My First Weekend... and I defy you not to laugh or nod along.

Next up I'm very impressed with the amount of effort that Elisa from Mamma Wears Prada put into her Halloween party - where does she find the time, is my question?! If you love baking or entertaining, there are plenty of ideas and gorgeous photos in Our Haunted House Halloween Party.

Angie from Cakes, Photos, Life, is a blogger who is well known for all her hard work in helping others. This month she has come up with a great new ideas which involves your old Christmas jumpers and knits. Please do what you can - Christmas Jumpers - Can You Help?  

The lovely Emma who blogs at Emma and Three has made some big life changes recently... sounds like everything is going well so far judging by the smile! Pop on over and catch up on her First Half Term Reflections.

I'm going to have to admit that this is probably the first and last time you will ever see a fashion post on my blog... I love fashion, but mostly on other people - I don't have the heart for it myself :D Style Me Sunday is my go-to for a Fashion blog if I was ever going to have one though... check out her ideas in N Duo Concept

Then I visited the Big Fashionista blog. You'd be forgiven for thinking that was all about Fashion too, but it isn't, as I found out when I nearly died laughing whilst reading her latest post about parenting. . Now you need to go and check out what I mean - try Food Pets, Bob and Me to cheer yourself up any time. And yep, you read that right, Food Pets.

So pleased to have found Becci's blog called Swords and Snoodles - not least because she blogs about her two boys! That's a refreshing change from my two girls... anyhow I digress. I loved her recent post titled Be a YES parent, as that is definitely my philosophy. I was ever so slightly forced into it with the arrival of second daughter if I'm being honest, but I'm definitely in agreement that 'Yes' more often makes for a more positive life.

I think From a Whisper to a Roar's Meg must have known about the weather change - she had already written up this yummy Bean and Chorizo Chilli recipe to help warm you up. Cooking is another area alongside fashion where I need all the help I can get....

Claire from Diary of the Evans-Critten Family has posted lots of gorgeous photos in her recent post about her daughter's birthday and visiting Saundersfoot - we were there in summer so I know what a beautiful part of the British Isles it is! My favourite is probably the shell picture - I can almost hear the sea now.

One year of blogging and a hundred posts from Bek at Dillydrops - this is a great place to start to begin to understand all of the effort that goes into blogging, especially if you are thinking of starting one up!

Brilliant writing and a post I think lots of us parents can sympathise with if we've ever been lucky enough to travel abroad - Helen at Crumbs and Pegs wrote a letter to the man in front when she was Flying With Kids recently. Shame you didn't take along a portable printer, eh Helen?!

Last but by no means least is a post from the lovely Jenny Edspire, talking about World Prematurity Day which is on 17th November this year. It is amazing how much medicine has advanced and how many more premature babies are now given the help they need to survive, but more can be helped. Please read and help in any way you can - raising awareness is a good place to start.

Well that's all folks, it's been a long carnival, but an exceptionally good one I feel, so I do hope you've all enjoyed it as much as I have! Thanks to Britmums for the chance to bring all of these together.