Monday 24 November 2014

Nintendo for Christmas!

Have I ever told you that we LOVE Nintendo?! They make quality products, which keep my girls entertained for good periods of time, and the girls are always excited when there are new releases.

So when we were asked to trial the new Disney Magical World for the DS systems, we jumped at the chance (notice how it's 'we'? I'm a fan too!). In this, you get to create your own personalised character, then you go exploring the special town of Castleton. There, you can bump into all your favourite Disney characters, such as Mickey and Minnie of course, and Goofy, Pooh Bear, Cinderella.... over 60 of them in fact!

In the game you can decorate your own cafe and make recipes to entice other characters to your world, whilst also making them furniture and clothing, and selling items to gain more coins. There's plenty to collect, and new worlds to explore, which will keep you going for a long time. Disney Magical World is similar to Animal Crossing, but at the same time has key differences which mean it is not just a copy and it works well as a game in its own right, especially if you love Disney.

We were also invited to spend a day in London trying out all their fab 3DS products recently and as usual, it was a brilliant event. Mario and Luigi chased Tilly around briefly and then both girls enjoyed time on various consoles, playing some games they already had, then some which were new. It's fair to say that everything went down well with them! 

We've reviewed Tomodachi Life already - read this post: We love Nintendo: Tomodachi Life review  and we also loved Yoshi's New Island. All great picks for Christmas!

As you can see, there was also face painting and cake decorating and balloon making, and even a bit of time for some fun in the photo booth.

Thanks so much Nintendo for the fab day out, and for producing such fab products!

Disclosure: we went sent tickets for this event and gifted Disney Magical World, but haven't been asked to write anything specifically and all opinions expressed are our own.