Saturday 9 May 2015

Top ten Tips for a Florida Orlando Disney Holiday

Been there, done that.

Here are my top tips for going to visit Orlando in Florida for a Disney holiday.

1. See all those clothes you're thinking of packing? Stop. Take at least half of them right back out of the pile. You definitely will NOT need that extra pretty dress 'just in case'. It's May right now, not even full blown summer, and it's already hot and sticky. You would definitely rather hang around in a bikini (or swimsuit, for those who haven't paid attention to tip number 5) all day.

2. Definitely don't pack any clothing items that are a little on the tight side to wear, in the hope that you will sweat off those extra pounds. See tip number 5.

3. Tops with shoulders/sleeves are much better than strappy tops when you are carrying a rucksack containing everything but the kitchen sink around all day at the Disney Parks. Trust me, the straps rub.

4. However many pairs of shoes you are thinking of packing, take three pairs less. You will not get around to wearing them all, and trying to decide which ones to wear every morning will become a chore because of the heat.

5. You will be tired. This will make you want to eat more. Avoid the snack aisle of the supermarket, and the iHop restaurant menu. You will struggle to avoid the ice cream, pretzels and candy floss stands in the Disney Parks. McDonalds is on pretty much every corner outside of the Parks.

6. Stress over planning your days out meticulously, but be prepared to scrap all those plans and go with the flow every day as soon as your first FastPass+ ride breaks down.

7. You just HAVE to go to Discovery Cove and swim with dolphins. It is the best day out EVER. I know some people may object on the grounds of cruelty to animals, but those dolphins looked pretty smiley to me. Plus, their life expectancy in the Park is 50+ years old as opposed to just 15 when out at sea.

8. You won't use nearly as much suncream as on other summer holidays. There is no time for sunbathing, so half of your body is always covered (a good thing if you have already forgotten tip number 5). Leave it out of your bag so you have more space to bring cheap tat souvenirs home with you.

9. Pick up two bottles of Pimms at Duty Free on your way out. It is nigh on impossible to buy when you arrive and you will definitely need more than one to last a two week holiday *sadface*

10. Start saving now. Two weeks is not long enough to do everything. You will want to go again, and again, and again.

(video of T being pulled along by a dolphin!)