Monday 15 February 2016

Flora can help your child be #PoweredByPlants!

#PoweredByPlants is the new marketing hashtag for Flora. I'll admit to sighing inwardly myself at hashtags, being old enough to remember growing up with good old print and TV advertising and not a hashtag to be seen.... but I will concede that they are actually quite a clever invention.

Mumsnet invited me along to a breakfast meeting at The Grain Store in London, in order to learn a little more about Flora and the thoughts behind their new marketing campaign. We enjoyed a healthy breakfast before settling down to watch the new Dinosaur advert. The idea is to grab children's attention (the dinosaur is cute, and funny) so parents can start the conversation with their children about how tasty and good for you plants are (as in, dinosaurs lived on plants and grew up to be the biggest and strongest animals around).

The whole #PoweredByPlants strapline can help teach our children where food originates from, and that eating plant based products is actually better for our planet overall. Did you know that there are over 20,000 edible plant species, and yet the average person only eats 20? We all tend to rely on convenience foods these days, and they are often animal based foods. We heard from a local farmer who spoke passionately about how important it is that we value our land and understand how to maintain it. We also learnt that both the world's strongest and oldest men were vegetarians, so it's a myth that meat makes you grow up stronger.

After the talk we were given a demonstration of how easy it is to make spread yourself. I enjoyed having a go at making my own (plenty of garlic in mine), and it was very tasty! Now, if I'm ever bored with the girls at home (chance would be a fine thing) I can teach them how to do it too.

Did you know that Flora is lower in saturated fats than butter, and provides a source of healthy Omega 3 and 6? It's actually made up of simple ingredients, and you can make your own spread at home by following the recipe below:

Great news for vegans and those with dairy allergies - Flora have just released their first dairy free spread called Flora Freedom. It's available right now in Sainsburys and will be rolled out soon to most supermarkets.

The packaging for Original and Light Flora has changed slightly as below but they keep the same great taste:

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