Thursday 29 September 2016

Blog On MSI 2016

Last Sunday I was in Manchester, enjoying the Blog On Conference which took place at the Museum of Science and Industry (hence MSI). The theme was 'festive' so it wasn't unusual to bump into people walking round in Christmas jumpers and elf outfits...

Elves at Blog On MSI

Table decorations at Blog On MSI

Blog On conferences were started back in 2012 but this is the first of these events I'd been able to attend. I was very impressed with how smoothly the day ran - a little hiccup right at the start with the microphones but this was fixed in double quick time by the fab event staff. We had the top floor of the museum for this conference and it was a great size and space - easy to move around despite the large numbers of bloggers there for the day.

The conference started with a quick introduction from the founder Laura, who blogs at Tired Mummy of Two, followed by a keynote speech from the amazing Olivia Pennelle who blogs at Liv's Recovery Kitchen. Olivia talked about her addictions and how she has managed to overcome them and turn her life around - it was a very inspiring message.

The main bulk of the day was split into four sessions, and at each of those sessions you could choose what you'd like to learn about. The whole schedule was listed on the Blog On website, but in a nutshell it was everything from pointers on photography, Instagram and YouTube, to learning how to make money from your blog, lessons in Wordpress and collaborating with brands.

As I knew the raffle money was being collected for a very special blogging family who are going through the challenges of cancer (#TeamCowley), I offered to help sell tickets before the sessions started and during lunchtime. On the one hand this was good as it meant I got to say hello to loads of people and put faces to names, but on the other it did mean I didn't get much chance to sit and chat to old friends or make new ones! I hope no-one thinks I was avoiding them....  but just look at the amazing raffle prizes which were on offer, and it went on to raise a good sum of money which I'm sure will be much appreciated.

Huge range of prizes for BlogOn MSI raffle

Outside the session rooms was a large area where representatives from a wide variety of brands had set up stalls to show us their goods. As we've done many reviews over the last six years, it was great to catch up with people I'd already worked with, but also good to meet new contacts and see new products. I'll hopefully bring you reviews on some of them in future posts. There were several opportunities to try and win anything from a sausage (it's a game!) to a holiday or two, so of course I had to try my hand at all of those...

Stephs Two Girls with silly sausage

We were sent away at the end of the day with not one, but two huge goody bags full of product samples to trial, and I even won an extra competition prize which I know the girls will love.

So I'm 'sorry not sorry' that my social media channels were full of #BlogOnMSI last Sunday - I'd highly recommend this event so bloggers keep your eyes peeled for the next one!

Pictures of bloggers and brands at Blog On MSI

Oh and P.S..... those rumours you heard about the organiser not liking baby cuddles? Lies, all lies I tell you! ;)

Blog On MSI event organiser cuddling a baby